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Ray Dalio states that “Cash Is Trash” and talks of the upcoming collapse of the markets as we dive deeper into WHY people continue to buy stocks and stay on the sidelines instead of investing into Bitcoin & Crypto.

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0:00 – Market Recap | Topics Overview
4:27 – Collapsing Markets and Why Everyone is Selling
9:15 – 0.3% of Household Wealth (We’ve Got a LOOOOOOOOOONNGGG Way to Go)
13:25 – Why We’re Early and the Upside

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  1. just a matter of time until crypto is being regulated. but regulation = more mass adoption

  2. Urgent, proof of world wide satanic conspiracy". Urgently look at a hidden message on Ste. Peter's Basilica, in Rome Italy! Encoded in the statues on the building, for telling WW3! Look at these bible scriptures as further proof, Romans1:23, Deuteronomy5:8, Romans1:25, Revelation/ Apocalypse 17, 18, 18:4,6,24;John the Baptist, Jesus…. This is information hidden in plain sight till now(Daniel12:4). War is starting to hide this. The Mark of the beast is on the shield of the Empire and on top of their buildings. 666 is on the three level crown(vicarius filii dei). Germany is now concealing historical information about WW2 and that Nazi war on Russia, which killed more of their population than almost all other nations involved combined. Was this a war of the Roman Empire? Both Catholic and Protestant legs of the Roman Empire. History shows a lot of evidence in that direction. The Pope never spoke out about the atrocities, even though he had a vast network of informants. The French and Bolshevik revolutions infuriated Revelation/ Apocalypse 17,18, and that is why both Russia and France were attacked. 1798, the French Revolution ended the Bible's for told 1260 years of complete subjugation of the world, including the death penalty for observing the Sabbath (which is not (sun)day) and for Biblical festivals, like Passover(538AD, the beginning of the death decree, by Roman Consul). The UK also had a secret they wanted hidden by the fog of WW2 war. NATO Countries setting up the ministry of truth, to control their people's minds. Turkey is where Gog and Magog are of the Bible's Ezekiel 38, and is surrounded by seas, which to be driven in to as per the Bible's description. Turkey is also directly north of Israel, and where the bible calls the "seat of Satan". Rosh in Hebrew means head, but just because Russia sounds like the Hebrew word for head, doesn't mean it is the head(Rosh) of Gog and Magog. They are not even in the same Country. Search them out, and don't start a war on falsehoods! A sovereign city is under attack in Florida USA, by an American Governor, for speaking about Biblical matters. Ron Desantis says Acts2:44(communism) of the Bible must be overthrown, so the Pope can take his rightful place as 1John5:19. He talks how it is waking people up, and must stop. World, take notice, the US claims to believe in Democracy, but are attacking a sovereign state in the United States. The US is about to slip in to complete darkness. 80% of US money has been *printed in the last couple years, with the stock market just better than the drop of the great depression of 1929 and still falling.* NATO must be broken up, as the greatest obstacle to peace in the world. The time is quickly approaching for all nation to seize assets of non residents and take control of oppressive business holdings of NATO Countries. Take away their terror production ability. NATO has been calling it their war from the beginning. Changed the name of Ukraine's Capital from a Russian word to some thing else. Refused to talk peace. Stockpiles of NATO weapons were found in bunkers in Ukraine. This is an alliance of evil. The evidence to invade Iraq, still has not been given, or Syria. NATO nations have military bases around the world(800+). Christians are creating a fake uprising about abortions, so that they can attack people upset about the Bible's Revelation/ Apocalypse 17,18 being exposed, and attack them as if they are protesting some thing else. They are masters of deception, and misdirecting anger. Revelation 18:6,24. The church claims they are the new Jerusalem, and the Vatican represents God's temple, so the Pope is the one sitting in the false temple with 666 in his crown and the sign of the religion and empire in his hand(the cross). US Senator Lindsay Graham said that Ukraine's war is the US war, and that the year 2017 would be the year of offense(wow). That was before this so called invasion. Graham also called for the assassination of Putin. US's Mike Pompeo(possibly named after Roman General Pompé, who greatly expanded Roman territory, just as now happening) also said that the war would start in 2017. President Donald J. Trump said over 21/2 years ago that the US would soon be at war with Russia and China. Christian networks, behind the scenes are fomenting a war against China, using false attacks on Taiwan. These people are totally evil. NATO is the military arm of the beast system with the cross(mark of the beast every where). People pledge an allegiance to its supposed ideals. Those who don't accept it, have fire rain down from heaven in the sight of men. Remember this! No man has greater love than this, that he give his life for his friends. *Joe Biden now says, that the weapon stockpiles in Ukraine were there preemptively for when Russia attacked Ukraine. So when the attack came that Lindsay Graham, Mike Pomeo and Donald Trump were talking about in advance. Russia entered Ukraine because weaponization in Ukraine against Russia and because of killing of so called Russian separatists and sympathizers. NATO Countries are stealing Russia assets claiming on account of the war, but it seams to be the other way around. NATO was attacking Russians in Ukraine and militarizing for an all out assault. The West would not negotiate with Putin to prevent the escalation. So seaze NATO property, confiscate their money in your Country, stop their monetary transactions and send them packing. Do to them, what they were doing. Why does the Roman Empire and Church(called Roman Catholic Church) exist, when the Bible in Revelation 17,18 says it is evil and responsible for all those slaughtered on the earth? Verse 6 of chapter 18 of Revelation says to pay her back double for what she has done to others. Is Donald Trump a prophet, or was he just ahead of schedule proclaiming wars with Russia and China? Think! The war with China hasn't even started yet, but it was Trump saying that the corona virus started in China. He thought he could get you to start a war through that. It is not China spraying your cities just before outbreaks. Trump authorized "operation warp speed" to force vaccinate the US through the military. He authorized death by poison gas, electrocution and firing squad to the already authorized lethal injection(lethal injection, by military nurses, which caused the expiring of Americans (1 out of every 350 people approximately so far). Starting to see the evil? Trump is big business, but was supposedly fighting against them, but they were not attacking him. America you are fighting for your life, but you have chosen cowardice. The world collectively belongs to all mankind. It is greedy people who try to usurp the resources and control. All people deserve dignity and their fair share. So supposedly Roman Catholic Joe Biden loves Ukrainian children, but it is him that has shut down baby formula plants, and now importing formula from a Roman Catholic Country. That 50 Billion includes money for the making of a Ukraine government. This is not NATO helping Ukraine, but a NATO take over of Ukraine and war on Russia. Biden stopped the gas pipeline, even though there was a contract, and stopped all exploration in Alaska, but didn't even envite the largest electric car company to an electric vehicle fair of the US government. Does he have your interests? Biden elimates food plants. How many nations of the world will be attacked by an alliance that the Bible calls satanic before people realize it must be stopped? Revelation 18:4 "Get out of her my people" NATO-Rome/UK attacking Acts2:44. Research Boris Johnston " plan A", corona virus deaths not stopping people from talking about things so WAR! New vaccines for new variants, with out testing and very quickly, how? I think this is an attack on America, but not by Russia, but Rome/UK. Prince Charles was recorded hugging the Pope and congratulating him on his war. What war? It is on the Royal Family's own channel, so obviously it is true. NATO is planning to go to war with the Solomon Islands if they militarize, but Russia had no right to defend themselves from the NATO aggressors militarizing Ukraine with the goal of destroying Russia, and attacking Russian loyalists. Share this information and pray for Russia and Ukraine, Thanks! Ukraine Nazis kill all with out blue arm band, and other political parties banned. Democracy? Populations of Africa, the Americas and many other places around have been exterminated under the M.O.B. system. Bow to what the image represents or die. Look at Countries with M.O.B. on their flags. Some Countries claiming to want to join NATO are militarized to the teeth, and on Russia's border with M.O.B. on the tanks and flags. Think! Remember the German Nazis putting people and bodies in train cars, bodies in trains in Ukraine. German tanks coming through Sweden and Finland(swastika on planes till 2020) to Ukraine with MOB on tanks. When media disallows commenting, it is because of lies and fabrications that will not hold up to scrutiny. The US just invaded another African Country. How can some one say they are helping a Country at the end of a barrel of a gun or missile? The Nazis of the Azov steel plant surrendered to Russia. NATO is headed for a trap that they will not be able to get out of. NATO's Ukraine proxy war. Monkey or leopard pox, the new pandemic being planned? A company opposing Dniel12:4 about to declare bankruptcy,. So Ron Desantis, what will your future bring? NATO started the war, so of course the Russians were not prepared. Former US President George Busch admits the US lied to Russia, and is behind the war. Roman Catholic Joe Biden is making moves, like Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler. Bitcoin will not crash unless gold's industrial use, jewelry use and superior qualities disappear. ;!(

  3. Answering your youestion: People are getting stocks en masse because they have been told that for a long long time. I am in my thirties and all I ever heard about investing is to buy stocks as they yield 8% on average and are safe.
    Great ending.

  4. Please talk about what is going on with Coinbase. Is it in danger of going bankrupt?

  5. Awesome info as usual Rob. Love the ending – "Hey, we hit 20 minutes, Great!!" <cut>

  6. Cash may be trash, but it’s been holding up better than equites and crypto thus far in 2022. Just saying. 😉

  7. man…viewership is really down these days. heres a comment for the algorithm

  8. NOT SURE if anyone is aware but FTX is putting FORTUNES inside Chinese fortune cookies. YES That's right

    My fortune told me to buy bitcoin… on FTX.

  9. I wonder if most Americans are like the old saying . You don't know what you got sometimes untill it's gone ie election biden is the worst president in all time he's that bad !!!!!

  10. I don't understand everybody saying market crash today it's gone down like 1 or 2%

  11. $5 a day DCA using Strike, when I have extra cash I just buy an add’l $5 for the day. 4year play.

  12. The you tube trends are all the same right now. cash is trash crypto is trash stocks are trash real estate is trash commodities are trash only thing thats not trash right now is guns ammo and food

  13. …and so are cryptos. All are going to go down significantly. This is an everything bubble. It will climb back, but a huge crash is coming for everything. Sorry to say, but cash is the least trashy of everything…for now. Buying opportunities are coming people. Get ready.

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