Civilization Found Under Jurassic Lava Flow

Civilization Found Under Jurassic Lava Flow?🌋

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Main Narration By Don Moffit:


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  1. The past is kept hidden by the Order of Illuminati. The reason is obvious.

  2. It's amazing people still believe these rock layers are different ages and represent deep time.

  3. crappiest quality of photos on youtube, man, not worth wasting my time.

  4. Look at that beautiful fish eye lens curving that beautiful flat horizon

  5. In Mexico I disagree that it was indicative of that our society was much older because it's not our society it's there society. We weren't part of it unless we were part of the Native Mexicans who lived there.
    I do absolutely agree that it is indicative that society is significantly older than some people want to admit.

    The cart ruts in Pompeii, seriously dude, what they indicate is that you don't understand how easy it is to get cart ruts in a Stone Road it's a lot easier than you think. A lot of modern people might not understand how easy it is because of how often we keep up our roads.

    Those old utensils the mortar and pestle are really cool they look really nicely made and even if they aren't as old as they're being claimed they look really nicely made.

  6. And to answer the question of how old are our roots? Are roots do not go that deep! But is a shadow of a alien race that came here to be one with nature again. Leaving all their advancements behind them. But not their knowledge. As it took them thousands of years to forget it? With some not being able too! And became the giants of our legends. Long after the first of them had passed into the earth. That is not a hollow void? But a doorway to another dimension of space? Where they will grow to do as they did here again! As they are the Creators of life' for the God physics. Shapeless and without means of its own' to create life with. And they were done here with this one' so needed to move on to a new one. With us in their wake' that the ones that couldn't forget created so as not to be alone. And to have someone to rule over. Untill it was their turn to go to where the others had went. As the way out was within them forgetting what was once there. Leaving us only with the path. And nothing to forget but our own ignorance in what they left us with. As it's should not be a easy task to reach for the right knowledge? that puts you on their path! Knowledge' that can be imbedded in our DNA. And is all that can make us immortal. Without alien help. As death is not a end. But also is not any one begining. Something we decide' with how we think and live our lives! It is what writes our imagination? A dream only we can create.

  7. Use to think that they hide the past to controle the future. But now see they hide the past because they fear its return' and what it means to all of us. That will show just how far from the righteous truth they have taken us.

  8. 1800 piping system is not better, the old only used lead to take sewage away not to bring water in. They all knew lead was bad.

  9. Human-like species had technologies at their disposal that far surpass what we today are capable of. We just refuse to acknowledge that despite ample proof of the contrary. We still like to think we're the centre of creation, thanks to a still imposing religion that explains everything away with a "god", without telling folk their religion destroyed the whole of a nation's history and culture just to prove they were in charge. Fuck 'em and their beliefs. Lets finally open our eyes to the truth.

  10. I find this, highly compelling 😪

  11. " Inexplicable and unexplainable both mean "incapable of being explained," but inexplicable also often implies that something is unable to be interpreted or accounted for. One of the intriguing characteristics of adjectives in English is that we have so many that are synonymous and yet distinct in usage." Love the info and photos.

  12. Can't they easily find organic material underneath pavements and other building stones that can be carbon dated? Current academia is largely vestigial these days. If one is seeking knowledge, the Internet has more and better than anything you'll find at a university. If you want a piece of paper to fill a seat at a corporation supported by government inflated stock market money, fine. But don’t be under the illusion you know anything

  13. Thank you for sharing. 🤔🤨👍🙏

  14. Why did you insert the Pompei clip two times?

  15. This is highly compelling.

  16. Someone fluffed the edit and put the same Pompeii video twice, back to back. Come on guys. You can do better than that.
    Are you scraping the barrel for material these days. Seeing a lot of repetition.

  17. would it not be more likely that the geological stratigraphy dating is wrong , which has been proven in many cases to be impossible ?
    even coal beds thought to be 300 million years old may only be a few thousand .
    that would make these ooparts not quite so out of place .

  18. wait! the Cuicuilco structure is identical to the baltic sea “ufo”

  19. Just like they "academia" "dated" the Pyramids in Egypt by carbon dating of items found around (outside) the Pyramids themselves.

  20. So the “highly advanced ancient super-civilization” were so intelligent that they made their plumbing out of lead? Maybe that explains why they aren’t here to claim credit for building… everything made of big rocks.

  21. Repeating over and over a lie, eventually becoming truth, allows those to become richer, and more powerful. Take 9/11 and how we had accepted that 3 skyscrapers (made of thousands of tons of steel) collapsed at Free Fall speed after 2 of them where hit by a single plane.

  22. Michelle.Shackelford

    Stop watching at 11:38 because he just repeats what he's already said after that.

  23. Just imagine trying to convince the "masses" that the bible is truly science fiction, that this planet wasn't created just for us.

  24. The video “the code” by carl munck has great info on this structure!

  25. You trust carbon dating that’s highly inaccurate

  26. 👍😊

  27. Realms of Pixelation

    According to the mainstream narrative, only humans are safe from global cataclysms.

  28. Now that blind freedy can also see there were at least one hidden ancient civilisation before ce. They were building living dieing here on earth for millions and millions of years or hundreds of millions of years. Now that you have wisely uncovered all those incredible OOPA's. Youve shown them studied them proven them all to be real fact its now as clear as air to everyone. So why tf are those overpaid old wind bags still teaching our kids the same old lies they taught us. How can we get them to stop to only teach our kids the facts our true histories. Thats the next step will be hard to get them to agree with your findings first then admit they taught us all bull sh*t for over 100 years no chance. Id like to know who started it all who guided us down the wrong path for so long how did we end up here in this tangle of lies WHY???

  29. Love this channel as an open minded alternative to mainstream academia!

  30. In Pompeii, do you not think that the craftsmanship displayed on the polygonal roads does not also indicate that the builder's could have carved those "cart ruts" into the road deliberately.. like a primitive tram track? I do! Those stone blocks look just like the buffer system we use on our modern railways… 🤔🤔🤔🤨

  31. why clickbait bot farm trash?

  32. Try To Remember The Following: . . . Beware Of The Criminal Controlled, Compulsive Lying, $$$ Bought & Owned Pieces Of Crapidemia . . . aka The Crapidemics . . . And The Same Goes For The Compulsive Lying Criminal Controlled So Called Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Geologists And Egyptologists And Paleontologists . . . It Is A $$$ Making Business For Them, And A Ruthless, Cut-Throat Compulsive Lying Very Deceptive One At That . . . 🙁

  33. These lost, ancient cultures, in my opinion, were not human at all.

  34. Wonder why the channel does not cover Tartaria? I think time itslelf has been manipulated, and this is the real mystery to be solved. Is time really linear or is it layered… that we experience/percieve past present and future at different speeds that blend together.


  36. Laurent Verpeaux

    many resets and doctrined histories ago….

  37. I Find this site were narrowminded…….and never any new stuff here..just the same boring retoric speach…..getting clicks

  38. It's just getting STUPID at this point. The real question is why exactly is the past kept hidden? Just ego? Laziness? Or something more critical,like cyclic cataclysms?

  39. You report on your findings and then repeat yourself. Why?

  40. Noahs flood mud. Petrified.OR just maybe ante diluvian technology repurposed. I tend to favour the first explanation.

  41. Why did you repeat the Pompeii segment?

  42. Mainstream Archeology akademiks Has list all credibility & that is highly complening others to step up

  43. ‘ Jurassic Lava Flow’? Someone built this pyramid 150-200 million years ago?

  44. : Lime-Stone: bear 🐻----true blood

    A channel that does not involve in the comments are 1 lying. 2 giving you 50% truth and 90% bullshiit 3 the history channels second agenda channel.

  45. Enlightened Initiate

    when someone digs deep enough, he finds himself staring back.

  46. Why isn't there Moss on any Polygonal structures? Not even that Road in Pompeii.