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Claim $1M Prize Pool Share In Gummys Token Waitlist Campaign

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Waitlist airdrop tutorial showing how to join and participate in social media tasks to up the ladder and earn more tokens

Get FREE GUMMYS AIRDROPS worth $1,000,000 by joining the IFO with your friends.

The most rewarding live streaming to earn platform powered by the community.

The more you watch and engage, the more you earn!

Join Daily Airdrop


WEB3 video platform

Expand knowledge and dive into the Web3 space with the world’s brightest digital content creators and industry leaders.

Gummys always keep blockchain transparency on top. Through Gummys privacy measures, users have peace of mind knowing that they do not need to worry about their data being sold to third parties or a data bridge.

GUMMYS is the virtual world where one can develop meaningful interactions, build a business and make money while feeling like playing.

With GUMMYS, users can earn GMY token by watching live streams and videos, and can decide on the level of privacy they are willing to share with advertisers in exchange.

$GMY is an Utility Token that will power GUMMYS Watch to Earn Platform, built on Polygon technology in collaboration with Polygon Labs.

It is fast, easy and super fun!

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