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Coinbase Enters The NFT Game, What's Next?

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It’s finally here: Coinbase NFT Marketplace has been released in beta mode for users who signed onto the waitlist. With more than 85 million users, the talk is it will shake up the whole NFT ecosystem. The Defiant’s Camila Russo and Robin Schmidt join Real Vision’s Ash Bennington to offer some perspective. This episode also includes an update on recent market action, a conversation about the Moonbird project, and a review of the Beanstalk Farms drama – a decentralized credit based stablecoin protocol that was attacked, resulting in a theft of $76 million dollars. All the hot takes on headlines only with The Defiant x Real Vision. Recorded on April 20, 2022.

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Can Coinbase Change The NFT Game?
Real Vision x The Defiant | Robin Schmidt, Camila Russo & Ash Bennington

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  1. Thanks for watching the latest episode of Real Vision The Defiant. Be sure to tune in every week for the latest release, and let us know in the comments what you would like for us to cover next!

  2. She really did end the conversation exactly how I see it after all this! Sure the SEC and all the regulation was originally brought forth to help protect main street from all the scammy brokers and their financial instruments and people shouldn't have a problem with them sticking to that mission statement? But at the same time, main street needs to indulge in full due diligence and treat the landscape like shopping on Alpha Bay or any other Dark Market in which people had no problem flourishing while unregulated and I think the crypto stuff should be similarly approached. Perhaps if people really wanted regulators to be all in the mix, then the SEC could simply publish their own list of fully vetted and SEC approved list of safe financial services or products for people who really crave that regulation to subscribe to and be guaranteed the full safety and regulation of any dealings derived from the list?

    Having full control of your stuff is basically a big part of the crypto landscape and think people should be free to get as risky as they want with the stuff!! I've personally experienced investing lots of my networth into both BNB and BCT at the same time, way before anybody was worried about these projects being regulated in any way…. and then BCT did it's thing, and I still feel that was a learning experience in which I took a hit and at the same time was glad i diversified and even if I didn't, I still find it hard to see where regulating these cutting edge projects would be real helpful…

  3. Great information ℹ️ I’ll be tuning in for more Web.3, DeFi and NFT talk 📝

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