Crypto Gaming NEXT Multi Trillion Industry ApeCoin up 58

Crypto Gaming NEXT Multi Trillion $ Industry (ApeCoin up 58% on Rumors of Land Sale)

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Today we will be discussing ApeCoin, the highly anticipated OuterWords lands sale, and its 58% gains. Next, we’ll look at Coinbase and how they finally released the beta to the long-awaited NFT marketplace. Lastly, we’ll talk about the $2.5B invested into the blockchain gaming sector.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include MacNCheeasy, Joe Parys, 0xStacker Forrest, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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Intro music by Gregario Franco. Song – Nacht

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  1. Deezy is killing it as a host, well done toa all the crew

  2. What did bitboy mumble about the new platform? I heard something but can't make it out

  3. I love Wendy O. She showed us how she pays for rent month to month, and so did I.

  4. Shilling Apecoin now. Check the tokenomics and how many wallets were dropped Apecoin. It’s a joke. Regular people gonna get dumped on. They paid exchanges to list obviously. Worst coin and can’t figure out why people are shilling. Must be getting paid.

  5. chickensandw1tch

    23:30 lol

  6. chickensandw1tch

    love deezy and his questions🔥

  7. Nft worlds is taking over watch out

  8. P2E has a ways to go before it can be at the level of PC gaming. I played all the games mentioned on this panel, but my God you can tell they haven't gamed in quite some time. PC gaming is king, IMO. Games like Mass Effect, Gears of War, Far Cry, Death Stranding, Control, Shadow of the Tomb Raider…on a 2K monitor at Ultra settings with a strong GPU, is a great experience and has massively better graphics than anything in the metaverse up to this point.

  9. Cryowar is the game changer.

  10. Up up down down left right left right a b select start

  11. Yaaay!!! Contra was the shit!!

  12. just making bayc nft holders richer

  13. I'm looking for some p2e that's actually sustainable and you don't need thousands of dollars to start. I have participated in 3 p2e games awhile back and none of them worked out unless you were one of the few at the very beginning. Any suggestions

  14. Buy bitgert before it is to late." Bitgert "is next solana

  15. Hablando De Invertir

    I went big in ape at 12.5
    Not selling till see this coins at +40

  16. Great Scott The Gamer

    The first Triple A blockchain nft game is coming out next month, Illuvium.

  17. steve baby ethan and honey Desjarlais

    Where's statche for gaming he's the king.

  18. Baby Doge Millionaire

    Can you do a video of Baby Doge?

  19. I have so many favorite games! SNES (90s): Super Mario World, BATTLETOADS in Battlemaniacs, TOPGEAR, Knights Of The Round… so many others




  20. Stable Host US DEEZY

  21. I would've have owned alt coin daily in double dash and melee

  22. MEta eagle club just got listed on Coinbase meta eagle club has totally the best art buy a mile .

  23. Lol ENGN. Just wait Ben just wait!

  24. Kilimuko inu review

  25. Apecoin 40k

  26. EXEEDME will take off big time!

  27. I love u guys 💚

  28. imagine aping into apecoin and not owning a BAYC. Sorry kids u can't catch all the waves don't FOMO

  29. I think Deezy was drugged by Charles Hoskinson. ¡Latinos NO LE GUSTAN PINCHE CARDANO!

  30. Silver Stacking Guru

    Rhyming like coinbeureau. Kind of annoying

  31. lifechanginghoney

    Wait until you see the Galactic Apeventures NFT

  32. Are you talking about Dexkit at 15:42? Because they have a nft market place being made. Low fees and easy to use. And in beta era.

  33. Shiba Inu coin is no longer considered a meme coin it has a ton of use

  34. I can’t get stepping to work for me.

  35. Decentral Games with its Ice Poker is one of the top gaming coins. It is so much fun and a great P2E game.


  37. Riff Raff the Rooster

    Wendy 1

  38. Started out with meme coins and now looking at the long game I’m currently into BTC ETH APE ADA HBAR meme coins can be fun but honestly I like focusing on real utility. Great content guys 👍

  39. Splinterlands is truly the best Crypto game I have ever seen!
    It even trumps some non crypto games for me and it's so easy to use for regular (non crypto) people.

  40. great work! keep at it!

  41. Pluto Alliance 👽

  42. Everything you touch turns to sh*t bit b*tch