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Crypto Market Update For October | What’s Going On In Crypto With Binance Australia

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Hi Binancians – Welcome to our Crypto market update for October 2022, where we give you the breakdown of what’s going on in crypto this month. Each month, Binance Australia’s crypto market update brings you relevant crypto market news, price movements, and crypto industry updates to keep you informed.

Crypto and inflation, Reddit goes web3 and unleashing the bird! Charis Campbell presents our monthly Crypto Market Update for October with an EPIC rundown of what’s going on in the crypto market this month.

Crypto, equities, bonds and currency markets are all interrelated to some degree. We examine the current state of the macro environment and crypto market news, plus we look at inflation and crypto. What is the relationship between crypto and inflation? How does this impact Bitcoin price movements, Ethereum price movements and the crypto market cap as a whole?

Next, onto Reddit Vault. Has this made Reddit one of the biggest crypto-art marketplaces overnight?

Finally, Charis comments on the Binance Twitter deal and other crypto news, including the price of Bitcoin this month.

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That wraps up our Crypto Market Update for October. We hope you’ve enjoy getting across what’s going on in the crypto market this month! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our channel for more videos on crypto news, cryptocurrency market updates and all things Binance Australia.

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Chapter 1: 00:00 – 00:30 Intro
Chapter 2: 00:30 – 02:58 The macro environment and inflation vs crypto
Chapter 3: 02:58 – 03:49 Crypto market update for October
Chapter 4: 03:49 – 04:15 Reddit goes web3
Chapter 5: 04:15 – 04:25 Mastercard to help banks offer crypto trading
Chapter 6: 04:25 – 04:35 The Binance Twitter deal

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