E77 Tech work culture crypto regulation stablecoins NFLX amp more

E77: Tech work culture, crypto regulation, stablecoins, $NFLX & more w/ Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

YouTube video

0:00 Bestie Intros + a new Bestie Guestie!
4:37 Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong reflects on his “mission-focused company” blog post, work culture in tech/Silicon Valley, realigning culture at Coinbase
26:25 Crypto regulation and adoption
46:37 Brian’s takes on different types of stablecoins
51:14 Netflix’s major headwinds

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  1. Count me as old school but business and politics should only mix to keep the government from imposing business killing rules and Regs. All the social issues take care of themselves naturally and if it is not part of a business’s core mission it does not belong. All these ESG and other virtue signaling missions do not belong. When you mix business and politics, you get Crony Capitalism. We need true Capitalism. The invisible hand fixes everything.

  2. On 4/23, Brian Armstrong was riding high. 3 weeks later, not so much.

  3. 48:50 well that aged poorly

  4. My God what happened this quarter! Horrible results. Instead of doing this podcast maybe we need to look at how we are managing the company.

  5. What other investors here got shafted by Brian Armstrong?

  6. Sandrine Bardot

    On the Coinbase "mission focused company" whole debate : a bunch of "older" guys not really understanding that younger Millenials and Gen Z workers (which I'm guessing at these companies, are a significant portion of their workforce) REALLY care about these issues – and you can want to work on crypto and STILL have an opinion on societal issues….

  7. Shoulda asked Brain to fix his stock. I’m down 70% and under water because of him.

  8. Who's the guy at 17:58?

  9. The white guy with the light blue shirt often talks over and interrupts people a lot, especially when the only brown guy in the podcast speaks

  10. 50:44 "the people who make filet o fish" don't have a say ? that was pretty insensitive man

  11. man he beat around the tether question and changed the topic real quick

  12. Artemis Block | Crypto x Culture

    Very true regarding crypto regulation: "it's actually better for there to be lack of clarity than clarity that is bad and punitive". Let's hope the Biden administration gets this right

  13. michael lilienfeld

    #buy bitcoin

  14. Coinbase currently does not support bep20 coins and therefore people who have sent tokens that are both ERC20 and BEP20(sending the bep20 by mistake), have their tokens held hostage totaling of about 499 BTC or 19 MILLION USD. If you think this is unfair, please like this message and bring awareness to the fact that coinbase can simply just support this protocol so people can withdraw their money. This is criminal!

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  16. Can’t listen to these guys anymore due to David Saks increasingly predictable and annoying conservative takes on everything

  17. Hey Chamath, you said Apple should have adopted Netflix's business plan…

  18. Penny.Trustworthy with HACKERCYBERGHOST ontelegram

    I keep seeing comments about him I did not believe until he credited my account I’m so grateful with your service.✨

  19. Penny.Trustworthy with HACKERCYBERGHOST ontelegram

    I keep seeing comments about him I did not believe until he credited my account I’m so grateful with your service.✨

  20. Sad there wasn’t a Friday pod this week 😢

  21. what a useless podcast

  22. Sacks was 100% on point about not imposing the same restrictions on utility tokens as security tokens. You simply can’t apply the same laws to things like ETH and BTC without destroying the network.

  23. hanks for this video The crypto market is good with people who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. That's why I will forever be grateful to you wanesaa 😇 you've changed my life, you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, Thanks Mrs. wanesaa Cox