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Fi Money vs Jupiter Money || Best NeoBank in India?

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Fi Money vs Jupiter Money || Best NeoBank in India?

If you’ve been thinking of opening a Zero-Balance Savings Account, you would’ve definitely heard of both Jupiter and FI Money . Fi Money and Jupiter Money are by far the 2 biggest Neo Banks in India.

But What is this NeoBank? Is it like a normal Bank or something different? Is your money even safe in a NeoBank? If yes, which amongst FI Money or Jupiter is a better Neobank for you?

Watch this video to know answers of all these questions and more


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  1. To the ones using both the Apps – considering the interest rate on Jars in FI is 5.1% i.e. double that on Pots in Jupiter – doesn't that make FI a more attractive choice?

  2. Does fi platinum debit card provide lounge access…Like Rs 2 for stays in airport? Please answer…it's quite urgent.

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