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How to flip nfts FAST during reveal step by step – the exact strategy I use to setup big money reveal flips on good quality projects!

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I show you how to make money with nfts. I mainly use opensea when flipping nfts. I also discuss upcoming nfts with 2X, 3X and even 5X potential. Italk about how to buy nfts and how to flip nfts for big profits. Please do your own research and also be patient when learning something new for the first time!

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  1. Search slavmovark on instagram for help now

    You can also get your disappeared nft revealed. Mr movark can do that for you he helped me out too.

  2. Search slavmovark on instagram for help now

    You can also get your disappeared nft revealed. Mr movark can do that for you he helped me out too.

  3. Giggio Speciale

    how can i find project with unrevealed nfts at the mint? or all the nfts are unrevealed at the mint

  4. how do you get that topranked with whale rectangle with ranks showing on opensea

  5. 2 Questions:
    1)When fliping post reveal you have certain profit target? like 2-3x or if floor goes up 50% you're ok with that and move on?
    2)You're only trying to flip rare ones or you're ok flipping non rares?

  6. I Wesley recommend Pinkyfundin on IG

    I was blessed that I know this man,he actually help me in earning $34,000 in my nft

  7. Spectral Robot

    thx for the help

  8. tools cost money what about any free tools

  9. WHY DOES EVERY TOOL COST MONEY can you please get us a tool that helps out that is free?

  10. Mahmoud Hossam

    The way he said "idk how the hell that 7.25 was sold" was funny also keep the good work up

  11. hey man i love the content, do you think there are cheaper options or even free options for the tools? bcuz supersea and icytools may be a little expensive

  12. well he is using icy tool premium so this video is not usefull who didnt bought premium icy tools

  13. Haven’t been successful in your raffles in discord. if I don’t get an opportunity to mint your nft but I’m watching this video like 10x!! (I’ve watched it 3x already!). You talk so fast it’s hard to write down the steps and little nuggets you mentioned. Excellent video!! Thank you!!

  14. Could you please make a video on a gaming collection like wolf game or spacegame?

  15. what rarity ranking tool do you use to run through open sea?

  16. Which rarity tool do you recommend?

  17. Tanuj Mohindru

    Just started following you, loved the way you explain your mindset while sniping reveal. These tips might help me more in future. Thanks man, keep it up!

  18. very useful video, thank you, could you please tell me how to find the schedule for the upcoming reveals projects ??

  19. Mohd Firdaus Bin Mohd Noor

    yup..i enjoy ur video. In fact i come here for many times already

  20. Where can I find a bot for mass offers?

  21. Sotiris Panagiotakopoulos

    whats this tool called for the rarity on opensea?

  22. Postolia Cosmin

    Can you speak slower please

  23. Георги Тодоров

    What happens if we buy a rare but no all are revealed and then our "rare" has climbed 1k-2k places after all are revealed?

  24. Nikolay Ivanov

    Which is the tool that links to opensea and shows the rarity score?

  25. Obsidyum Lakes

    Hey, I would like a video on all of the tools you use for having the rarity and stuff under the listing,

  26. Hi Sajad, thank you for sharing the information you do. It is always very informative. I would like to know how you were able to see the rarity of each nft on opensea because as I went on open sea to follow along with the video, I did not see the rarity that you were pointing at on any of the nfts that I was viewing.

  27. Great video, could of added a break down of the actual process of selling for the first time and the costs you will most certainly incur.

  28. whats the point of the 24h volume? should it be higher or lower and what does it depend on? 4.58

  29. how do you find good projects before reveal?

  30. out of a collection of 10000, what would you say the highest ranking that you would buy would be? Like x/10000

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