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FTX Contagion: Which crypto will survive?

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FTX had invested in a lot of different projects and their collapse has caused contagion. Other businesses will fail as a result of the FTX bankruptcy. So let’s use this info to get ahead of the market trends.

00:00 FTX Bankruptcy Contagion
01:16 What’s in the FTX Portfolio?
03:48 What happens to projects with no funding?
05:59 What to expect from the FTX bankruptcy

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  1. Crypto is and always was just hot air. There is literally nothing behind it. Get what is left of your real money and run…

  2. Full Value Dan you're really crankin these videos put lately. You must of lost money in the crypto fall. Anyway, glad to see all the new videos. Keep it up!

  3. nothing wil survive,first a ww3 is in the pipeline and after that a new coin wil be the only way you and i can pay for goods. And belief me when i say nobody has that coin as of yet

  4. "The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." —Mark Caine

  5. I think MEME coins will continue to do well, because I dont think UTILITY is going to be a driving factor in a clearly broken system. But everyone likes dogs!

  6. Hey Dan
    What do you think about the stablecoins specially USDT ? Is it really backed 1:1 by USD or is it just à trust me situation?
    Thanks 🙏

  7. Could you please explain the correlation of mining costs vs BTC price and what it will mean if BTC price is constantly lower than mining costs? What if mining turns out to be not lucrative anymore?

  8. what are your thoughts on lillian finance, or LY? apparently they are about to list on a tier one exchange soon, but not sure exactly when.

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