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FTX on the verge of collapse, Fidelity, how to win 100 CHSB and more | SwissBorg

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Welcome to the official SwissBorg channel. We bring the latest and greatest crypto and community news, event highlights, finance, and blockchain education, interviews with leading crypto experts, and so much more.
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SwissBorg App is a crypto wealth platform where 630k+ users buy, sell and earn on 40+ digital assets, 16 fiats, across 5 exchanges, and all in one app. By connecting to leading crypto exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, HitBTC, LMAX and Kraken, our smart engine technology offers access to the best liquidity and rates in seconds, while creating unlimited crypto/fiat trading pairs…

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  1. SwissBorg is the only platform where I hold crypto, other than my own hardware wallets. Personally I feel SwissBorg has earned the trust by delivering on the promises they made, innovate and provide a platform that is promoting community and is authentic. In this troublesome time for the crypto marked I have faith in SwissBorg being successful for the long term.

  2. Stay safe

    The FTX exploiter, who has been dumping all other drained assets for ETH, is now one of the largest holders in the world, with 228,523 ETH ($284.82m) currently in their wallet.

  3. 👌 hi I’ve been with you guys since the coronavirus dump✌️I love the app and what you guys stand for and are doing🤩 this space has had a lot of negative things happening and a lot of bad players but that’s not crypto🤷🏼‍♂️it’s the centralised exchanges😞so you guys can make this positive for our Swissborg future🤩you need to get up all over social media shout from the rooftops and show and explain how our wonderful exchange and app is different from the rest💪people are scared at the moment and new people will be unsure🫣show how Swissborg is safe and different 👍 love you guys thanks 😊 make people see what we know Swissborg is and they will come ✌️

  4. Ftx story, as the others bad stuff that happened in crypto world help all of us to understand the real value of a great team with a solid platform!! Thank you SwissBorg 💚

  5. Happy to have you. After sad stories from crypto I was surprised next morning when I get message in the app from the team. Great work and thanks.

  6. Thanx Paula for keeping us up-to-date. SwissBorg goes hand in hand with its community !! 💚💚💚

  7. Thank you so much fot this vid. Now I finally understand this topic without googling some complex words 😂

  8. Day after day, my respect and appreciation for SwissBorg mindset is growing.! Let's Go PaulaBorg

  9. Thank you Paula for your weekly analysis and for the quality of your présentations. We are SwissBorg

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