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Geojam – Another Potentially HUGE Long Term Constellation Project

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Today I am looking at Geojam which is another Constellation project that I think has a potentially big future.

Geojam is merging its existing point system onto the blockchain to create a 360º token-economic model with a decentralized system and protocol for rewards.

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0:00 – My TLDR
5:16 – Introducing Geojam
5:38 – Introducing Sarah – CEO of Geojam
6:07 – What is Geojam?
6:54 – How do these experiences work?
8:02 – What type of artists are on Geojam?
9:00 – How do you earn JAM tokens?
9:59 – How has growth been going so far?
10:50 – Helping non-crypto people get into crypto?
11:06 – Where do you see Geojam in 3 years?
12:27 – What is coming up on the roadmap for Geojam?
13:19 – What is the best way to get involved?
13:57 – Conclusion
14:41 – My Final Words


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  1. I would rather saw my nuts off with a rusty spoon then go on a private flight with Mariah Carey. Love the videos, James!

  2. Really interested in GeoJam, looks like a great long term approach to solving some of the social solutions that just haven't evolved.

    Have a safe trip this week James.

  3. Hey James while in Malta if you get the opportunity take a boat ride to anywhere. Sailing back into grand harbour in Valletta will blow your mind. It’s one of the most impressive fort/ports in the world. IMHO 😉 obviously loads of Christianity history right there as well. Should probably read the book “siege of Malta” as well. Homework 😉

  4. thank u for that information, never heard before, peace out to geojam,
    hope u will have a nice time in malta,

  5. My tought at the start of the video:
    "wow this project Is very cool!"

    Few minutes later James Say:
    "This Is on the ethereum market.."


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