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GUILD OF GUARDIANS quick review – How to earn real money with crypto NFT play to earn game 08/06/22

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GUILD OF GUARDIANS quick review – How to earn real money with crypto NFT play to earn RPG game – 09/06/2022 -June 9th 2022 See details below:

Guild of Guardians is a role-playing game (RPG) with play-to-earn mechanics. It’s not available to play just yet, but there are already over 100 thousand users on the waitlist. It’s set to launch on mobile in early 2023. It runs on the high-speed Immutable X Ethereum layer-2 network. The goal of the blockchain game is to enable millions of potential players to turn their gaming passion into NFTs.
The Guild of Guardians gameplay mechanics are designed to create a fun and engaging experience for players while giving them enough challenges to keep them on their toes. For instance, players need to devise strategies to outdo others and win guild competitions.
The game also features a trading component where players can mint gaming NFTs or purchase them from secondary markets.
Despite being a Free to play game, Guild of Guardians will have its own economy backed by tokens and NFTs, giving users the opportunity to earn monetary rewards and assets that they can trade on the platform’s own gas-free marketplace, as well as on other exchanges and marketplaces.
With our QUICK REVIEW series, we wish to give you a short summary of many blockchain games, highlighting some important features of the games, scoring and ranking them solely for orientation purposes and not for judgement. If you have already seen our previous quick review videos and know our scoring system, you can simply skip the next 2 minutes and continue with the video in the next chapter. At the end of the scoring process, an overall score will be created for each game we have reviewed. Our review and scoring system is very simple and answers the following questions:

1) Is the game already playable? If the answer is yes, then one point, otherwise zero.
2) Is the game free-to-play? If you can start to play the game without any investment then the score is one point, otherwise zero.
3) What game modes are available? Is the game a PvP or a PvE game or both modes are available? If only one mode is available, it could be PvP or PvE then the score is zero points otherwise it is one point.
4) Is the game a play-to-earn game? For the purpose of our scoring system the definition of a play-to-earn game is where you can directly earn coins or tokens through gameplay that you can directly convert to stable coins or “fiatmoney”. If the answer is yes, then one point. If, however, players can only use the in-game currency they receive as a reward to upgrade their assets or buy “NFTs” and cannot directly convert it to real money, then the score will be zero points.
5) The fifth question will have two parts. One part is whether the game token is in the first 1000 ranked by market cap on Coinmarketcap website. If yes than half a point, otherwise zero points. And finally, we can give half a point based on our subjective opinion of the game, where we take into consideration factors like, the game itself, network, team, activity, transparency etc.
Overall, the maximum score a game can get is 5 points.

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0:00 Intro
0:42 What is Guild of Guardians?
1:59 Disclaimer
2:35 Our scoring system
4:38 Is Guild of Guardians already playable?
6:17 Is Guild of Guardians free to play?
7:13 PvP or PvE game modes or both?
8:45 Is it a play to earn game?
10:19 Market cap and Subjective opinion
10:40 Summary

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