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HOW THIS CRYPTO MINER MAKES $10 A DAY MINING AIR! Awair Element Setup | Planetwatch Miner Type 4

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In this video we talk about a NEW Cryptocurrency Miner as well as the Planetwatch Ecosystem! The Awair Element is an air sensor that when linked to the Planetwatch System is able to make you money by mining the $PLANETS token! This project is still in its early stages but it definitely proving itself to be a potential big player in the crypto mining space!

Link to buying Planetwatch Licenses:

Planetwatch’s goal is to build a network of air sensors that all will be able to provide hyper local real time data which in turn will make their air quality data much more valuable for business purposes and scientific research, as The Planetwatch network would have access to tens of thousands of hyper local data points!

There are 4 different types of Sensors you can buy to join the Planetwatch System! However, In this video I talk about the awair element. The awair element is a type 4 sensor that can mine up to 23 tokens a day! I also bought an Atmotube Pro. So far my earnings with the Awair Element have been going over pretty smooth! I haven’t had any major issues yet! I will definitely be making an updated video soon about my earnings so far with my Type 4 Sensor the awair element!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 What this project is about
2:20 Different types of sensors
3:00 Token Model
6:00 Sensor Costs
8:28 Licenses
9:30 What do I think?
12:00 Sensor Unboxing
13:08 Awair Element setup
16:29 Outro


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  1. Just a heads up the saturation point for type 4 sensors is 10k, and there's already over 30k deployed. For the time being all of them are receiving solid rewards just due to the size of the recycle bin. It is expected that the recycle bin will be depleted within 3-4 months, at which point earnings for type 4 sensors will drop significantly. I'm not saying that it won't be worth your time, just be aware that we are currently in a honeymoon period with respect to rewards.

  2. All the sensors are being overpriced ridiculously. I can buy planet token in 5 minutes that would take years to acquire with the use of a sensor lol. Really cool idea but the scalping is insane if the prices were what they were I'd be all over it but can't even find a reasonable deal on the Awair or Atmotube PROS. Im definitely with you on the practical uses but it's gonna turn into costly BTC mining at this rate haha

  3. I bought the license for type 4 but where or how can I buy the sensor because the planetwatch website doesn’t have option for USA

  4. Solid video! Pumped you guys have a discord now! 😃 The amount of hustles you guys have going on is insane! Love the content

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