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How To Place Pending Orders During Your FTMO Challenge

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How do you properly place pending orders in forex trading? Should you start an FTMO challenge right now? And what setups am I looking at for this week? That is what we’re going to cover in today’s video so break out your note pad and let’s get to work!

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0:00 – Join the waitlist!
1:07 – Fundamentals + Last Few Weeks
3:19 – GBPNZD
5:52 – Important lesson
8:00 – GBPJPY
10:45 – GBPAUD
11:16 – Should you do an FTMO challenge right now?
12:14 – GBPAUD
15:12 – How to properly place pending orders

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  1. Yeah thats true but guess what… the markets evolve around Liquidity. Simple. No matter what situation it is. Find the liquidity leads to finding great setups 😁

  2. Thanks Matt ! Any idea you could give about the charges for this course and group, please. Thanks

  3. What are all the pairs that you trade, I understand your strategy expect for one aspect how do you set your TP, please help me with answers to these two questions

  4. thanks , very good information and nice video ! keep up with this good work , very helpfull

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