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I bought a Rolex because of Inflation (Dubai Mall Vlog)

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I’ve never really been one for Rolex’s or Patek’s but these luxury status symbols are actually a strong hedge against inflation and a very unpredictable dollar. Here is the Rolex I requested to buy in the Dubai Mall.

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Shout out to Rolex Dealer @tarek_shammoutt for showing me around!

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  1. You’re gonna need a safe now lol but yeah, really skeptical about the idea of a Rolex as an “investment”. I think you might subconsciously be thinking that too because this video just felt like you were trying to convince yourself that this was a good idea despite it being such a big (and rather un-useful) purchase…

  2. You purchased a Rolex, you didn’t invest in a Rolex. An investment, by definition, is yielding a profit. Your Rolex, is worth about 2k$ less than you payed for it. However this is if you don’t wear it and it wasn’t sized. If it’s used it, it’s 34ish.
    But it’s a very nice watch. Wear it in good health when you get it🤙🕉

  3. Watches are absolutely not good investments the guy at the store lied to you with a straight face, enjoy your new watch anyway

  4. Watches are definitely not investments! Moving money around the world in watches is a drug dealer’s hobby!

  5. Bought a watch. Not investment. Nothing wrong with saying you "bought" a watch. Buy what you love. That's all.

  6. If its for investment you're better off getting a different colour dial if you can. White dials on this watch aren't that desirable. It won't increase as much as other colours.

  7. The Day Date you pointed out is not 170-190 USD as you stated, not even on the grey (second hand) market. Brand new from Rolex it is $37,500 approx (depending on vat and tax where ever you live). You'll pay roughly double on the second hand market, which is still a good investment but nothing like you stated.

  8. You got scammed dude. You could have gotten it in Bangkok for a fraction of the price. Sure it may have a random Nike tick at the back of the case of the Rolex. But hey, that's two big brands in one for a fraction of what you're paying.

  9. Ha! Wonderful video … yet, did you actually purchased the watch and are now waiting? Or are you on the infamous waitlist, which is highly common, especially for such a watch?

  10. Watches are definitely not investments, hopefully you can get your money back out of them, they may keep up with inflation but won’t do much more than that. But like you said it’s a good way to move money across borders. If I did want the best bang for buck if you can get through an AD, you should get a stainless GMT, but good luck getting one. I have a new Datejust and new Stainless Submariner, Datejust is easy to get, Sub is not. AD most likely won’t get you anything that has a better grey market price than MSRP unless you spend money on other stuff like jewelry, it’s a game.

  11. This was really cool! I've been watching since the early days. If you're comfortable talking about it in a video, would love to hear how you moved your finances, especially living in Canggu. Did you decide to bank in Bali, did you go swiss/cayman route. All that stuff is really cool to me


  13. They sale you buy with emotions and justify with logic. He's after the status plain and simple but justified it as a good investment. He wants to let everyone know he's a someone and a someone who is better than you and I. This is the last vlog I'll be watching.

  14. Good video and you echoed why I placed a Rolex order just last week for a Submariner Date. Rolexes act as stores of value and even appreciate. They are a very smart purchase if one is able to get them at retail especially.

  15. Man pointed at a Platinum Fluted Green Dial Day-Date and said it costs $11k USD ffs 😩😩😂😂

  16. LOL buying a Rolex for investment as the value drops????????????????? You are showing a real lack of understanding of the Rolex market!

  17. I doubt that the bankrupt welfare high school dropped out can ever afford a purse like that. Keep dreaming hoho

  18. Actually luxury watches have been trending down in price recently as asset prices come down to earth (just slightly). You're not buying the top, but catching a falling knife, if u wait a few more months, you'll buy a local bottom.

  19. to some bitter folks- when all those times he sponsored elephants at the retreats, no one had much to say?? come on guys, we all do our fair share of charity and there is no need to constantly publicize it. He is bein kind enough to share investment info and food for thought. thanks for this and we definitely look forward to more! peace!

  20. Like most things that went stupidly hiked during the pandemic they are now on the dip. Though rolex does seem to be investable, people are relying on the supply and demand prices from the pandemic thinking this is how they increase each year.

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