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This video tells you the best way to earn passive income with crypto staking.
I have been working on this report for a few weeks because there is a problem.. There are just too many options. There are far too many sites and coins to stake.. and there’s no resource that tells you the best place to stake crypto.

So I’ve taken matters into my own hands

Let’s rank the top centralized crypto staking and decentralized crypto staking to find the best way to stake crypto.

What is crypto staking?
Staking is the method in which a proof of stake cryptocurrency validates transactions on it’s ledger.. But how is staking crypto different than mining crypto?

Staking Vs. Mining Crypto:
Staking is not unlike mining crypto like Bitcoin except where Bitcoin uses physical constraints like electricity to ensure there are no fraudulent transactions… a proof of stake crypto uses your assets as a kind of show of good faith to help keep the system running properly.

Staking your crypto is about as risk-free as passive income gets because you’re not actually sending it anywhere and no one is borrowing it. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make money online!

Your biggest risk with staking is your own human error.. Like losing a password.

In my opinion, staking is best for cryptos you plan to hold long-term anyways, if this is the case, staking is a no-brainer.

Best crypto
Crypto passive income
Top crypto passive income
Top altcoins

– 00:00 Intro
– 00:23 Why this Matters!
– 01:02 Staking Break Down
– 02:07 Centralized Option 1
– 03:01 Centralized Option 2
– 03:57 Centralized Option 3
– 04:35 Centralized Option 4
– 05:11 Super super super important
– 05:18 Centralized Option 5
– 06:38 Centralized Option 6
– 06:49 The DeFi Disclaimer
– 07:11 Decentralized Option 1
– 07:35 Decentralized Option 2
– 08:28 Watch Me
– 08:46 Why Such Juicy Rates?
– 09:26 Are These Rewards ACTUALLY Good?
– 10:28 In a Nutshell
– 11:06 My Stake Pool
– 11:30 The Problem with Staking
– 11:49 Have a Profitable Day!

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*I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice*


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  1. this is not true, when you are staking, you are releasing custody of your crypto,so you are sending it somewhere

  2. Thanks for the video, super interesting! Could you give more of an insight into network inflation and how polkadot's compare to other cryptocurrencies? Thanks!

  3. 🔴 The various risk levels are based on the calculation of the impermanent loss of each product. This categorization to different risk levels implies that products belonging to the "low" risk category have a lower level of impermanent loss, when compared to products belonging to the "medium" risk category, and so on.

    (*) The CFT platform is designed to be used on a desktop or laptop computer with a Keprl wallet connected via Google Chrome.


    #CFT #risklevel #wealth

  4. I sad to watch this video after 6 months of posting it 😔 i see many opportunities you posting it! Thanks a lot!

  5. Yep im invested in an early project(PYE) that earns daily but of course its a 5 day staking period. You can make about $4 a day (per $1000) which i guess isnt bad ?!?! and of course apys fluctuate. Normally about 123% – 165 per pool. Im trying to find a more stable popular coin that pays out like that instead of on a yearly basis %. Keep up the good work bud. 😎

  6. just a quick question. how come exchange site can provide higher stack reward than the native one.

  7. This video is one of the best I have ever seen. It can serve as a reference work for beginners, who will come back here several times while advancing their learning. You deliver a "SHIPLOAD" of knowledge! Given that, I felt the least I could do would be to go through all the comments and report the obvious spams. I did so. Hopefully, YouTube will take it from there and wipe out those reported spams!

  8. Giddy is a defi startup aiming to make this entire process more user friendly, secure, and profitable. It's new, high risk, but has funding and is planning to release their mobile app in the next few months.

  9. What this dude doesn't get is that, the rate should be associated with the risk. He is not talking about the risks.

  10. Trading is never a child's play , I rushed into trading when I first started I almost lost everything not until I got a trader who helped me recover all that I lost

  11. I was curious about midas Investments. Was hoping you would do a review on them. They're APY seems fairly high

  12. Hi Max, if we plan to hodl a coin. Isn't lending also an option? Or does it have a dark side? I feel, that based on the rates, we could switch between these 2 alternatives like weekly/monthly or something, to maximize returns.

  13. Now that Celsius and BlockFi aren’t giving interest to American users any suggestions for similar apps/platforms?

  14. Hey SuperMax I hope you are having a great sunnu Weekend 🙂 ….Is there a chance that you can do tutorial on Polkadot mobile wallet staking and its APY. Acala and Terra have a plan (check medium article) to use aUSD on Anchor protocol, with some interesting concept on borrowing and getting rewarded for doing so… I WISH MY BANK hahahaha will do the same on my current borrowing but instead they charge me 19.5% for CCard and 12.9% for Loan 🙁 🙁 /me wonder when someone from DeFi will invent some kind of lending for normal people , NOT only Institutions or Billionares 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  16. Currently there’s an FIO token and a BSW token on Binance for staking. Over 100% yield

  17. I’ve watched this too much that I need to thumb it up every time I do again. You did a lot of work on this staking

  18. Watched with great interest. I realize that everyone has different risk tolerance, but what percent of one's portfolio (or a coin) would be a good start to test a staking candidate?

  19. What's your thought on staking new altcoins like HDX? Hydranet offers a really high APY for staking it.

  20. It seems like a lot of tedious work to earn via staking/etc.
    This made me think, is there a brokerage that does all this tedious work for you? You deposit money (like you would with Fidelity/etc) and then you select your risk setting (high, medium, low), then maybe select an investment time period, and let the brokerage invest your money via staking/etc. You can login daily to see your rewards/% and charted over time (expected, reality). The brokerage could charge a one time fee – or a percentage of your earnings.

    Does anyone know if something like this exists?

  21. Unfortunately no YouTube has made a staking strategy video with staking limits/quotas over multiple platforms. Max maybe you could?

  22. MAKE YUR MOM PROUD🌹 Don't dine and dash !! Leave a tip !! CLICK 👍 COMENT 👌 SHARE 🥂

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