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This is my story from the Voyager shutdown. This is my first time on video so it can get cringe. We will recover from this ♡


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  1. Despite the dip in crypto, I still thank you 🙏 for the level-headed financial advice. I started forex and crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio

    Thanks so much Mrs. Elizabeth Messer

  2. Why invest in something that has no actual value though? Do you actually use crypto for anything or just speculate it's value? I've never used crypto and never seen anyone else use crypto for anything in my life. I'm sorry but I don't feel for you at all.

  3. Sorry this happened to you. But didn’t u just lose $10k? That’s the investment u made right?

  4. I feel bad for this man but honestly speaking I've never understood why people stick to this 'diamond hands' strategy and not take profits. There's nothing wrong with taking profits guys. Leave the initial investment to grow but take out profits. And also keeps your own coins. I hope this man is able to retrieve his coins and money.

  5. Anything paying Voyager yields is very risky. Anything without transparency is very risky. You were in over your head.

  6. Hey bro feel for ya , Celsius has done the same to people too.

    Can’t take anything out, will ride it out until I can take my funds out.

  7. If I made 400k I would have cashed that shit out. Crypto is just like gambling, if you leave your money in there, eventually you’re going to lose it.

  8. These people lured people out with promises of being FDIC approve and offering better interest on crypto than any other platform

    Like a spider spinning a web. Steve need to be done and this business and Jail need to be the answer. Even if I don’t get reimburse the whole voyager platform along with all its top executives need to be DONE

  9. Sorry for your lost but here’s where u made your mistake.

    If you took 10k and turned it to 40k you should have took that 30k profit the first time and put the 10k back in than it would of went back to 40k do it again when u made 400K YOU SHOULD OF TOOK ALL THAT PROFIT AND LEFT ONLY THE INITIAL 10K TO BE HONEST YOU GOT GREEDY AND THATS THE STORY.

    Sorry for everything bruh I lost 7.4K in voyager to bout 75% of my crypto was on voyager.

  10. You have zero risk management. That is the main problem. Stop blaming others. It will be the same thing for other assets too. Gold? Blame the central banks. The stock markets? Blame russia for inflation.

  11. I don't understand how people didn't see this coming. The interest rates they offered should have told you everything you needed to know. If someone try selling you on profit well above the norm, they're gambling with the money. Stop letting greed guide you. Sure them locking people out sucks, but it was your greed that caused this. Plenty of people warned what was coming but got ignored and mocked.

  12. My story is very similar to your just I got screwed on luna/usd….. guess what I was country/location with had net, like several hours drive to the closest city. By the time a got a good net connection I lost all my money in luna/usd.

  13. Crypto's are like pet rocks and beanie babies, a fad that will eventually disappear

  14. NOT YOUR KEYS. NOT YOUR CRYPTO. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO COME TO TERMS WITH YOUR MISTAKE. I’m sorry and I feel for you and have had similar happen back in 2014 so I get it. But you gotta know better with that kind of money

  15. I like your honesty I have a similar experience with taking too much risk and loose most of my gain and loose on ust

  16. I feel for you, sir.. I lost over 80K on UST Implosion.. and I am even sure how to get that kind of money back.. This bear down spiral’s gotta be worse for some people like me 😔

  17. Bogdanoff rug-pulled you man. Real life wojak here. Sorry this happened to you.

  18. It's not your fault nobody made the right decision voyager failed you.

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