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  1. Myself, as part of retail. I've already invested all I can. I already hit my budget. I can't buy much of the dip when I don't have cash just waiting for an opportunity. Am still investing a small part of every paycheck though.

  2. tom nash is a dude wearing the same adidas tennis outfit each day,,,,, ha he is just a youtuber, and dont forget that….

  3. Great video dude. This is such a healthy perspective. More people need to see and hear this.

  4. "China, Housing, Market". Those three words will plague everyone alive today for the next 5-10 years. The stock market will continue to fail. Cryptos will fail. USD will fail. China has too much debt and is defaulting this year. That bubble will take us all down.

    Per M.I.T. January 2022 – "If China defaults on their debt, the US economy will see inflation rise over 100% year over year for the next 5-10 years. Hyper inflation is inevitable."

  5. Don't take any advice from anybody but Jeremy is keeping it real. He's examining current trends/sentiment and is reminding investors that they're investors, not traders.

    1) Don't invest for short term, focus on the long-term.
    2) Don't time the market, DCA your position.
    3) Good companies that are being beat-down right now will eventually get back to their true value after micro economic factors resolve/IF they even continue to go down from here.
    4) Don't invest through emotion.
    5) Buy GOOD companies you truly believe in, whereas if the company declines in value, you have conviction to buy more, hold and carry on rather than worry.

  6. Yeah listen to this guy and get wiped out. I took his advice and got stuck in a position that lost me a ton of money

  7. Never knew cryptocurrencys could be so challenging! Kept running back to these YouTube videos to learn more about this your video is indeed helpful

  8. The Kevin-intervention you and Tom didn't work out that well:).. Let the guy do his thing and don't be sad about it. Maybe you'll make money, maybe they'll make money.

  9. You are so clueless. Same goes for Meet Kevin and Tom Nash and other similar nervous speculators gamblers.

  10. Hello, Jeremy, could you talk about your other older holdings and why you continue to hold them? You have focused mostly on new stocks you are acquiring like ttcf, crsr etc. why do you still hold walgreen?

  11. Averaging down on a bear market is really bad advice. You should have executed stop losses to exit sooner. Gambling w/ one's money not a good idea ever.

  12. The best time to buy is when fear is highest, people are selling for losses nearly every day. You’re 100% correct, always buy the dip, especially on your high conviction stocks.

  13. I think the reason some people are deciding to try and time the market is because of all the uncertainty regarding inflation, interest rates and a declining GDP. They may still have conviction in their top stocks, but believe that won’t matter. They’ve made a boat load of money over the past couple of years and are afraid of losing much of it. So, it appears FUD can and does get into the heads of even the big dogs. I’m down over 40% but still buying, increasing my positions in my highest conviction stocks. I’ll ride it out, might take 3, 6, 12 or 24 months, but I know I’ve got a mega payday in the makings.

  14. whatever stop judging ! everybody has a right to change there personal investment strategy . Calm down and buy the dip . Or is this not the dip ? or are you timing the market for a dip ? Whatever …

  15. I really think if your buying individual stocks, and you have allot of money (over 10 million), I would sell.

    Things are going to get pretty bad in the next few months market wise. I think people have to come up with a real strategy for what is currently going on.

    Printing money
    Debt right GDP ratio
    High inflation

    This is not normal times right now

    Come up with a real strategy that works for you depending on how much you have and when you plan on retiring.

  16. Good to see at least one Youtuber sticks to what they preach. Kevin ruined his reputation with his flip flops

  17. No one should ever try and time the market but if you like a particular company and think that it can get cheaper , than by all means sit on the sideline and wait for an opportunity.

  18. ppl are stupid they gamble my porfolio is down like only 400+ usd about 7 % is it go down more i buy more no way i sell i waiting biger crash but looks like we stoped maybe its botom idk i hope not

  19. so many of these "finance" youtubers NEED to sell content, and that's what they're doing. you're one of 3-4 people that don't really need to sell content and boost your "image".

  20. I wonder what warrens buffet net worth would be if he sold out and got back in all the time😅

  21. Your audience are NOT your kids. That's all I have to say lol
    Also I'm going to time how many times you say "Right" in every video and bet on it on Draftking

  22. Time to follow through with those decisions…. Not the first time you said it🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  23. the reason the Youtube community is in distress is they have overpaid for many stocks – value is the only way to go , unless you are in the gambling camp

  24. People gave up on buy the dip, and got scared/panic sold. They either went into short term options to try to make big money fast, and some got burned or just sitting on cash waiting for bigger dips.

  25. Sure took care of our inflation money! Below 20m revenu stock are more dangerous! But above 5b caps there too…confident
    In a year a bit of money will them back fast.

  26. Our best tool against wal-street is the fact we have time on our side, we don't have to compete and make 10% year we don't have time market and trade in and out

  27. you can't rush and make quick money, DCA and keep investing every 2 weeks or per pay check and hold. Give yourself a 5 year min. time frame

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