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Introducing United States Property Coin (USPC) | Real Estate Backed Cryptocurrency, by Primior

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Real estate is becoming more accessible than ever before! With just a click of a button, you can become a fractional owner of a professionally managed real estate portfolio.

In this video, founder Johnney Zhang, CEO of Primior, discusses what USPC is, why he created it, and what our plans are.

WHAT IS USPC? ——————————————

USPC is classified as an asset-backed security token, which utilizes an institutional-grade blockchain solution to comply with current securities law and regulations. USPC combines modern technology with a proven investment method to make preserving cash in real estate more accessible than ever before!

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PROJECT ROADMAP ———————————–

Curious about where USPC is headed? Take a look at our project roadmap:


DISCLAIMER ————————————————

When you join the waitlist, you are only receiving information regarding general market information and updates on USPC and the Company. No information provided to those on the waitlist shall constitute a prospectus, an offer document, an offer of securities, a solicitation for investment, or any offer to sell any product, item, or asset (whether digital or otherwise). The information set out for people on the waitlist is for informational and community discussion purposes only.


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