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Is the liquid from canned foods ok to eat? Opinions on (potentially) illicit 'gear'? (PODCAST E26)

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On this episode of the Ask Adam Podcast, I’ll answer the age old question that I’m sure has been bugging you for your years: Is it ok to taste the liquid fro canned foods?

00:14 – Is the liquid from canned foods ok to eat?
27:17 – Your opinions on (potentially) illicit ‘gear’?


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  1. Such thing as canned sardines with lemon seems to exist. But i (spaniard) can't recall ever seen that in a supermarket. If you want an slight acidic touch, "escabeche"(olive+vinegar marinade) is much more common.
    Either way: Throwing away the canned sardines liquid, is an abhorrent crime i have no words to describe.

  2. "I don't think you should use steroids to cheat at sports." Man, look into the ADCC Competitors who compete in Brazilian Jui Jitsu. The top guys are all very clearly juicing. It's to the point where you'd HAVE to do it, in order to compete.

    Also, just wanted to say that I enjoyed this episode. You don't generally make political comments, but some that you have I tend to not agree with. I'm still around though because I thoroughly enjoy the rest of your content. Anywho, on this episode I very much agreed with pretty much all the points you made regarding criminal justice reform, discouraging drug use while also accepting that people will generally do what people do, and we SHOULD also have a focus on making sure they're done as safely as possible etc.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Was cooking in Bavaria last week and was very surprised when I opened up a can of chickpeas to find no water! They were all vacuum packed, I had nothing to drink! Hope you're well adam xx

  4. 22:34 rinsing away bean liquid is recommended for people with IBS that follow a low FODMAP (fermentable sugars) diet, and want to reintroduce foods like chickpeas and beans, so you are right!

  5. I assume that everyone here already knows this, but Adam Ragusea is one of the smartest people you will ever know.

  6. Spam is what hormel does with all the meat scraps that were too low quality to hide in the hot dogs.

  7. -Delta 8 gummies that will send you to space

    Are you speaking from experience? Have you sampled the southern ganj, Adam?

  8. I understand your desire to recognize the work that bodybuilders put into their activities, however I feel that enabling the abuse of these drugs is very problematic. The argument that allowing someone to harm themselves is the more moral choice because you are permitting them to exercise free will is an argument on shaky ethical ground. I would encourage you to consider the additional ramifications such as the changes in mental health which may result in domestic violence. Additionally, what are the stresses on the health care system. Are the costs to the individuals and society worth the pursuit of such a shallow hobby?

  9. I made a great vegetable soup with canned veggies, using the canning juice and no other broth. It was delicious!

  10. 28:30 even drug tested competitions have steroids in them. They are just varients for which detection hasn't been invented yet. The channel More Plates More Dates has many informational videos about this particular topic and why competing in "drug tested" federations doesn't mean you dont use drug, because you may have used them during 11 months and not during that 1 month you are competing (this is more common in bodybuilding but works for other sports as well)

  11. 8:05 saying there is no vitamin C is just plain incorrect. If that were so the innuit would have died off thousands of years ago. The thing is, carbs compete for the same receptors as vitamin C, so when people eat a diet low in carbs their requirement for vitamin C decreases immensely.

  12. the copy cat recipe for wendys chili calls for pinto beans and kidney beans with the can juice from both

  13. "We couldn't possibly police what all our users are doing on our platform. We don't even know what they're all doing"

    You obviously haven't gotten into any of the YouTubers that do gun-related content.

  14. I decant whole tins of various beans into my dishes at least four out of every seven days and have done for years

  15. As a kid, I used to open cans of peaches, drink the liquid out of them, and put the can in the fridge without eating any peaches lol

  16. I think all guys should regularly check their testosterone and hormone levels in general, regardless if you’re body building or not. Back in 2017 (27 years old) I started having severe pain in my head and started gaining weight, got depressed, lost energy, etc. Spent the following 3+ years trying to figure out what was wrong and got put on MANY narcotics for the pain. Found out in 2020 I had a pituitary tumor that turned my testosterone to single digits, which was found due to hormone labs that my pain management doctor decided to check. Two months later had surgery to remove the tumor and all my pain went away. Now I test regularly as I’m on THT and it appears I have to be on it for the rest of my life as my pituitary gland can no longer make its own testosterone. Much of what Adam said is very true as I was put on steroids and many other meds to counteract other meds and it was a big mess. Practically lost 4 years of my life because it took me over a year to get off of pain medications. I even had a morphine pain pump put in to control the pain because it was so severe.

    Happy to say I’m over a year “sober” even though I was getting everything prescribed legally and not in rehab or anything, but I experienced whatever addicts could experience mixed with chronic pain symptoms that those with bad health experience.

    That being said, I suggest everyone to get their hormones checked regularly because all you need is lab work that takes 5 minutes to see if anything is “off”. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars and many experimental treatments in hopes to find pain relief and all I really needed to do was check my hormones that waived a MASSIVE red flag for someone my age. I will never forget my pain doctor who said that he has never seen testosterone that low in patients he has that are 80+ years old.

  17. Hey Adam, I recently bought myself some MSG/ Glutamat and I'm quite enjoying it, but I was wondering… Would it make a difference if I seasoned my potato or bean cooking water with that? What I mean is, does it act like salt and get absorbed in the food that I'm cooking?

  18. Pretty harsh to say that there's no point to bodybuilding without steroids! Have you seen the modern competitors in the WNBF (and similar orgs?). Brian Whitacre comes to mind. You might get a kick out of some of the work that Eric Helms & Stronger By Science do on natural bodybuilding.

  19. 12000 Francs was about
    – the yearly salary of a general in Napoleon's Army (before taxes, if there were any)
    – 7-8 years of salary for a solider of the rank Lieutenant or below (again… before taxes if there were any)

    – A French pound (12 oz NOT 16 oz) of beef was generally 0.25 Francs
    – A bottle of Burgundy wine at at hotel was 2 Francs
    – A coach from Paris to Bordeaux (550 km) (including hotels) was 50-60 Francs.

    Today beef is probably WAY cheaper to produce (and my estimate will therefore be too low), but based on today's price for beef, 12000 Franc would have the buying power of at least $240.000

  20. One reason I don't buy the low-sodium spam: it contains way more preservatives than the regular stuff. I'm not especially preservative-averse, but I'm still going to choose the 5-ingredient version over the 20-ingredient version.

  21. I love how the podcast gets more intense as it goes since most people leave after finishing the first topic

  22. My dad’s friend was built like a gorilla and he recently died of a heart attack in his forties

  23. Ok, I have to ask, 95% unrelated to the video but I have to ask

    Maybe im saying something dumb but why do westerners say aKmed, or aKHmed, it's aHmed? In arabic it's not exactly an H sound, but it's definitely closer to H sound than K or KH.
    Did the dude writing his name with a K? Cause this isn't the first time I see/hear people saying it "wrong" if it was written Ahmed

  24. The worst thing in canned food is firming agents. I always buy beans without firming agents, tastes better. I think bean do have a taste but is mainly in the skins. But it is great medium for adding flavour.

  25. I've been making your pizza recipe forever… I had no idea how entertaining your Q&A podcasts were!
    This is great. Thank you.
    Edit – And truly informative! Again, thank you.

  26. i just made 4 pancakes with pancake mix that expired 2 years ago and i ate 3 of them. Am I gonna be ok?

  27. Why wouldn't it be? Are people pouring out the liquid from a tin of beans/peaches/whatever else intentionally? This has to be an american idiot thing, I have never heard of people being worried about liquid, in a can, containing food. Please, someone who recreationally eats lead chips, help me out here.

  28. this story about the farm bill and cannabis is absolutely amazing, i had no idea what happened. i just assumed that, with all the dudes in tech doing psilocybin, that their politically involved relatives got desensitized to drug use and eventually rescinded the war on drugs for the high sales taxes.

    also, i really can't blame the farmers for giving themselves subsidies. so many unpredictable or uncontrollable variables go into food production that, if every farm went bankrupt and shut down every time they didn't make enough profit to head into the next season, we probably wouldn't have any farms by now. knowing how tight profit margins can be and with how much money has to go directly back into it, subsidies are a choice that i'm glad we make. so much of their time and health is taken by the work and is enmeshed into their off-work lives. they don't get paid proportionally to their loss of time or health while providing the food we need to survive. it doesn't seem moral or logical to let each farm go bankrupt every time something outside their control ruined the past several months' worth of work.

  29. I live in Kuwait 🇰🇼 , a muslim country, and believe it or not we have SPAM pretty much at every major supermarket. It's mostly turkey meat though. Pork is illegal.

    P.S. Kuwait is neighbors with Iraq

  30. It's meta-bi-sulfite btw, a lot of chemistry words combine words into one word. I know you appreciate the chemistry so I thought I'd pass on that little tidbit. Another word for sodium metabisulfite is sodium pyrosulfite. Also if you ever see disodium metabisulfite, that's the same chemical, as it does indeed contain 2 sodiums. Na2SO3. You definitely don't want to consume it in large quantities, as it is corrosive when dissolved in water, and is considered harmful if swallowed, despite being used as a preservative xD

    edit: FYI delta-9 is also legal to sell in edibles, due to a new law ruling that so long as the whole product is below .3% THC by weight, it's not illegal. By putting 5-10mg in each dose they can easily get around the existing law because of it. You will see them sold online and it's legit, they contain delta-9 derived from hemp that legally is that low of %. I would assume at some point they're violating the law by concentrating it, but they could theoretically get around that limitation by keeping it under that % while in an extraction solvent, such as ethanol, which can also be used for tinctures. I'm a US resident living in CA who has worked in the cannabis industry in the past, which is where my knowledge comes from. Personally I love cannabis as a food additive, though I usually consume mine as vapor or as a straight carrier oil capsule not cooked into additional food, it's a lot less work to make a bottle of that in the microwave real fast with MCT oil and concentrate, but i can also pour some of that carrier + concentrate into any food item that MCT oil works well in, if I want to spike some food for whatever legitimate reason (please don't dose people it's fucked up and also illegal)

  31. I was so engaged until Woke Adam clocked in about 35 minutes in. I spent 20 plus years in broadcasting and saw all the changes personally. Pro Tip: the wealthy local owner transitioned to nationwide corporations like Nexstar and Gray. Let’s talk sometime about the realities of broadcasting with a veteran.

    Stick to your lane of science and leave the woke out of your channel.

  32. 12,000 francs then was an incredible amount (framed against the issue of a new Republic trying to establish itself financially and internationally before Bonaparte declared himself Emperor), equivalent to a third of the army's highest salaried pay rank for a year and roughly equal to AT LEAST 2800x that much in today's currency because that's the recorded French inflation just since 1900, so hold on… times 2800 divided by 100 for the nouvelle franc then divided by ~6 more for the Euro, which is pretty closely even with the dollar…. at least $56,000, if not a LOT more than that.

    *This same issue of storage also led to innovations in paint storage and the creation of Impressionist painting. With the ability to put in paint into TUBES instead of pots, painting could be portable, and the explosion of outdoor and landscape painting spurred the revolution of 'color, form, and light'.*

  33. 17:33 halal spam and tinned meats (corned beef, halal Vienna sausage) are very popular in the Middle East. Check out those aisles in Arabic food stores if you get a chance.

  34. Reminder trans men take testosterone and while yes Adam did say medical reasons. He did also say if you're a dude you have no business taking them. Loaded gender shenanigans which I am sure were unintended.

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