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Jamie Dimon Just Flipped | "Significant Risk" to Economy Now

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Jamie Dimon just flipped!
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  1. The war between Russia and Ukraine has made me realize now that stocks, bonds, and share's are still the most lucrative businesses in the world today, NFT, real estate, and cryptocurrency stocks are really changing people's lives for better after duly guidance in the risk margin rounded circle the financial market.

  2. Last year taught everyone that investing in different streams of income should be a necessity because your proceeds could help you get through the rainy days. My utmost concern is every time I buy a stock that's supposed to be a big hit it ends up dropping and just never moving again

  3. Thank you for quality programming. What you are describing here is accurate – the flight to safety to the US stock market and dollar. This is what is keeping the market going at this time and preventing a crash. This "melt UP" phase will go on for a while, then as the global economy crashes so will US markets only harder due to the "No Win scenario" that has been created by so much obscene debt. Next comes the "Default Phase" with mega-massive bankruptcies and lastly "Asset Seizures" where banks and the Fed government will simply declare an extreme national emergency to justify the crisis and debit your account directly. The fools will think that this could never happen. The actual legislation for this type of action is already in place. My advice to anyone feeling the heat in this inflation, just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 370k from day trading with Judith Sherwood in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish..

  4. I had to smash the dislike 👎 button because of this noisy lady

  5. You guys are spreading panic. These videos arn't necessary if your long term. Just craving views again. I know old guys from work who all invested before youtube or the Internet was a thing. Their only source was the TV or the newspaper. They all went through all kinds of recessions and fud. These guys just left their money in companies they liked and forgot about them. Now their sitting with quite healthy investments some with incredible dividends. These videos just to promote the promoter. The best thing to do is do nothing.

  6. <I appreciate you and your content, Technical Analysis is good but I find It truly confounding that major crypto youtubers just look mostly at pure T.A. and completely ignore the bigger narrative of why BTC pumps/pumped and why the future outlook will be even rosier than it seems. It's kind of irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peaks of BTC but recently seeing nice upside move. We were already on shaky footing with historically low volume and almost pure whale pumps, narrowly avoiding a long-term bear market. More emphasis should be put into day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. I've been day trading crypto for 2 months with Jeff Erno daily signals and insights and was able to make 17 BTC as profit from my initial 8 BTC..

  7. Ummmm Jamie has always been hawkish! He has been sitting on billions of Dollars. Just like Buffet has been sitting on billions too

  8. Jamie Dimon is an insider. He knows what will happen, but that doesn't mean he will tell the public. Usually, he'll say the opposite of what he thinks is true.

  9. Why would people buy ttcf, when inflation is it's highest it's been in 40 years. People are buying in bulk to save money. Not buying any fancy this point in time.

  10. This is when you accumulate like a mofo. I was way too early but if you got cash DCA into innovative stocks that you like. SE, SQ, DNA, SHOP, PATH. They’re high valuation so they might have more downside but these suckers have a big future.

  11. who cares about opinions, at the end of the day just by the stock if you believe in it over the long term

  12. People like Jamie Dimond I’m surprised they don’t get shot with all the other cunts who manipulates the markets. When these hedge funds throw out what they think a share price should be are full of shit

  13. The USA might miss a recession just from additional energy sales.

  14. Yeah this guy's good ..
    he separates the hype from the reality.

    Ultimately things are only going to get better.

    We've just been through an insanely hard time…

    All the other stuff is just noise….

  15. I was so close to selling off, I was really confused with the mixed info, Jeremy, Andrei was saying this, Meet Kevin, CGS was saying that, really made me realize how misinforming youtube could be, any idea how to receive genuine investment advice in real time.

  16. Jamie Dimon is not a weather man, he's only out for himself. Read between then lines.

  17. They try hard to scare us out of the market! I stay for sure and keep buying!!!

  18. Taking advice from JP, who are known to manipulate every market? You good?

  19. Who believes what Jaimie dimon says on live tv ?? I mean for reals… anybody?

  20. I think he lost his all money and has gone crazy. His all stocks are down more than 60-70%

  21. There was one person: David hunter, look him up. But he believes also the stock market will eventually crash badly.

  22. If interest rates are going up why are the banks and financials doing so badly?

  23. I've been suspecting that all the FUD has been extremely overexaggerated for too long (a year) which has caused extreme overreaction, specially in the stock market. I've also been suspecting that inflation numbers and the current rate have been overexaggerated as well and likely incorrect based on the fact the last two years have been largely abnormal economically. How can we rely on those numbers? My suspicion goes as far as expecting that J Powell will end up being right about inflation being transitory, he just got the duration time wrong.

    If we see C19 move to endemic soon, if we see resolution between Russia and Ukraine, supply chains will also follow into resolve as well as everything else. Recession fears being a contrarian indicator to buy the dip, and, without the least bit expectation, the stock market could be headed toward a breakout rally, we could see another bull run. A lot of capital is in cash waiting for the signal to pour back into all the beaten down stocks.

    When I hear someone like J D talking down the market (a lot of that going around headlines lately…opinions from short sellers and Hedge Fund managers), that means it's time to buy, because he's more than likely trying to get another sell-off just to make buying back in more worth while…

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