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End date: March 29, 2022

Rewards: 25,000 H2O tokens

Title: 25,000 $H2O GIVEAWAY

Greeting Community 👋,

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🎯 In order to celebrate #Huobi #Primelist H2O sale on at March 25 10:00 UTC, we’re giving away 25,000 H2O tokens! We are inviting you to share the pleasure with us. Little drops of $H20 makes the mighty ocean. Welcome to the new era of creating and sharing value for everyone. Like the ocean there is abundance for our community.

#H2O is the first organization to provide the latest and hottest blockchain industry information and industry benefits. It will provide community members with many benefits such as token airdrops and whitelisting.

👉 Total Rewards: 25,000 H2O tokens
👉 Winners: 200 random + 300 top referrals
👉 End date: March 29, 2022


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