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LAST CHANCE, DO NOT Miss This Project (Sloties NFT)

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LAST CHANCE, DO NOT Miss This Project (Sloties NFT)

In this video I will discussing an NFT I am extremely excited about! With so much utility and a fully doxxed team, this project ticks all of my boxes!

Please remember to do your own advice, this is not financial advice, it is simply my opinion!

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  1. Sloties goes LIVE tomorrow are you on the WL? Join the Average Joes for WL opportunities on exciting new projects I talk about on my channel!

  2. Hey Liam, thank you for reassuring the Slotie NFT. Watched your videos 12 days ago and got on the WL. Tonight is the night to get my Sloties home.

    P.S. I am the guy who always tag you on twitter comments.

  3. In a few years to come I'm sure people will be kicking themselves after Being aware of the opportunity they missed not investing in Crypto trading. I learnt the value of investing during the first lockdown . I invested $35,000 with a crypto trader called Blaine Phillips jr, during the first lockdown and got $81,511 returns .

  4. just joined the nft space a few days ago, slotie was actually one of the very few projects i have shortlisted. Tonight i will be trying to mint this nft and it would be my first lets go!

  5. Is there someone who can pay the taxes on my behalf and I will return them to him, or can I give him a percentage of the profits?

  6. DOGE DASH, led by the Grammy-nominated creative director, has worked with Rihanna and Justin Bieber!. Released December 15, 2021. It's moon.

  7. This was the craziest sellout ever!!!! Scam bots hacked the server and Sloties had to shut their Discord down. I did get 2 in presale tho so I am really happy! I got into Sloties because of your videos! And to that… Thank You!

  8. Thanks for showing me these a few weeks back buddy. Was really early and got WL the same day. Minted 3 in presale and now they sit at 0.6 floor. Thank you! 🙌🏼

  9. Liam whatre your thoughts on The Abominable Bunch, will they get enough volume for the tribes to work?! Let us know

  10. Great vid bro. appreciate your work. Any chance youve looked at The Abominable Bunch project.? Would love to hear your thoughts…

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