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Litentry LIT Staking Tutorial ! Stake LIT for 80-100 % APR Rewards !

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In this Polkadot video, I show how to stake LIT tokens – the native token of Litentry Network. The ERC20 Ethereum version of LIT can not be staked at the moment, thus I show, how to transfer LIT from Ethereum to Litentry Parachain. I further explain how to decrease and revoke LIT delegation.

00:00 – Intro
00:09 – Unlock vested LIT
00:54 – Stake LIT via Web3Go App
02:04 – Check your Staking Rewards
02:43 – Unbond/Decrease LIT Delegation
03:20 – How to Withdraw ERC20 LIT from Exchanges to Stake
04:07 – How to Transfer ERC20 LIT from Ethereum to Lintentry Parachain

► Stake LIT via Web3Go App:

► How to Unbond & Decrese LIT Delegation:

► Litentry Web App:

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I am not a financial adviser. In my videos, I express my own thoughts and opinions. Please, always do your own research.
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