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MapMetrics – Earn Crypto from your Car, Motorbike or Bicycle! New Passive Crypto Mining

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MapMetrics. A new project that looks to incentivise the use of a navigation app to earn crypto!

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Earn Crypto from your Car, Motorbike or Bicycle! New Passive Crypto Mining

Learn more about MapMetrics: – Discord and social links at bottom of weblink

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00:00 – Intro
01:36 – Whitepaper
2:30 – Tokenomics
3:13 – Business Model
4:50 – NFT in the App
6:16 – Roadmap
7:26 – The SPT Unit
8:15 – SPT Discount code

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  1. This is very interesting. My only concern is the company selling my data to law enforcement. I have a "heavy lead foot" sometimes and don't want any repercussions lol!!

  2. You want us to give YOU a thumbs up, because we like to see the team of a project, YOU have nothing to do with? Nice try, thumbs down (sorry, I am doing this in your best interest)

  3. Are you rewarded with an SPT token or something else? Also, how much internet will it use? Any idea?

  4. Bitcoin is rising again and that's why trading with an expert is always the best I invented $5000 and earning $25000 every five days is real thank you very much

  5. I'm a professional trader manager I do trading for individuals if you invest certain amount of money you earn certain parcentange every week, if you want to invest message me on WhatsApp +1 (206) 745-8431

  6. Mrs Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  7. but Waze has radars and police warnings. This does not.. And u dont even know how its going to work..

  8. The device work any part of the world or any particular country ..plz update

  9. Ordered mine back in November, for 100 euros, thanks for reminding me of this project again! Have Subscribed!

  10. Bullshitting people I would say. Almost 200 Euro for a useless device, that costs 10 Euro to manufacture in china.

  11. Wow! This Is One Of the Best Crypto Earning Video Out There ! Thanks For The Head,s Up! Keep Em Coming

  12. is there any difference between them? they cost the same, what distinguish them to be a car, bicycle or motorcycle? i understand the difference regarding the veichle's beahavior in the road, and therefor its different kind of data tha must be collected, but in the buying moment, what is the diference. Can't i use one day in my car travel and other day using in a motorbike travel even if i need to change in the settings? Would it be necessary 2 SPT?

  13. Hey! Thanks for the video!! Do you know how many tokens will the give per day and the price of them?? 🙂

  14. i dont want anything tracking me but i dont mind sticking it on my neighnors car knowing he drives alot lol just gotta hope he comes home safe every night haha

  15. Ordered a few right before finding this video. Looking forward to see where this project goes!

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