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MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS 🔆 Everything is Gonna All Right | All Signs

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Mercury enters Sagittarius from November 17th to Dec 5h, where he tangos with Venus in a close extended conjunction bringing an everything is fine vibe between November 18 to 24. See how this plays out. in your life based on sun moon and rising sign. #mercuryinsagittarius #mercurytransitsagittarius #lunaticastrology

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Intro: 00:00
Mercury Venus conjunction: 05:57
Stock Market Bounce: 07:25
Aries: 08:55
Taurus: 10:10
Gemini: 11:19
Cancer: 12:28
Leo: 14:12
Virgo: 16:00
Libra: 18:00
Scorpio: 20:27
Sagittarius: 22:33
Capricorn: 24:14
Aquarius: 26:23
Pisces: 28:30


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  1. 😢 Pisces rising life is so hard right now. And sag energy doesn’t favor me! Saturn and Uranus in sag! I’m loosing it everything I worked so hard for. I’m literally giving up! And now I gotta loose the only person I love? Are u kidding me? I just want to leave this earth I lost my faith and hope I can’t bare anymore of this. Then March Saturn will be in my first more and more delays and karma. The only power I have is ending it and that’s been heavy on my mind with mars in my 4th. If there is anyone out there with the power of help healing or if god favors u pls send me some hope 😢

  2. Impressive astrologer, cool style, delivery and synthesis. Perhaps if people know their Asc they should work with that re: house placements in the sign advice.

  3. Lori every time we see her “I’m visiting so and so” 😂 girl you are never home ❤ where’s the sag in your chart

  4. You have easily become my all time favourite YouTube astrologer! Thank you. ♓️🇨🇦

  5. Keep up the good work Lori! I love that you give a reading every transit. I am looking forward for this transits because I am a Scorpio and Sagi stellium

  6. On the 18th I have venus trine venus in tranist. Also sag venus will conjut my pluto in the 4th house. Leo sun and also jupiter in pisces will conjuctvmy moon to the exact degree

  7. I Just had a Brainwave and theory if Venus is my ruling planet and I am seeing the number represented by its orbit around the sun then maybe check out the orbit of Mars or anybodys ruling planet reading this and see if that number is sticking out on said mentioned utility bills credit cards and the like , I could be totally wrong but it just popped into my mind just now 🤪😉

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