Most Experts Are Wrong About the Economy Robert Kiyosaki

Most Experts Are Wrong About the Economy – Robert Kiyosaki, Raoul Pal

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Are we looking at the end of the American empire? In May, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its global growth outlook for the second time this year, citing the war in Ukraine and singling out inflation as a “clear and present danger” for many countries. Today’s guest explains his opinion about the timing of a recession, and what the Fed will have to do to keep the economy from dropping into a depression.

Raoul Pal, the founder and CEO of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision says, “I think it will happen at a shocking speed.” Raoul expects that the recession will happen in a matter of months, similar to 1974. 

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Raoul Pal discuss what exactly is happening in the world’s economy, the likeness of a recession, and if there’s a depression in our future. 

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  2. Bitcoin is make believe money that is controlled by the elites which when they desire will flip a switch and it will just disappear. Read your history about the Great Depression. WWIII is here, starvation is coming, food sources are being destroyed, the supply chain shortages will increase, mass layoffs, housing crash and the stock market crash. December 2022 will begin the next Great Depression.

  3. Thanks 😊 so much for bringing Raoul on. Been listening to him for a year now. Always insightful 👌

  4. Amazing!

  5. Kourosh Eshraghi

    Previously you said you will buy some btc at 20k, did you?

  6. I guess we are learning also how everything is connected and how one thing/action influence another. In every crisis there are also opportunities. But this requires taking responsibility and a lot of education. I was very skeptical about UBI, but as Mr. Kyiosaki said, and I agree, maybe we will need it for some time. I am definitely also into learning to fish, but perhaps a the combination of giving and at the same time learning to fish is the proper way for those who won’t be able to keep up so much for the changes or are in a difficult life situation. Challenging times ahead of us, but I am still optimistic about the future. We will learn to cooperate and share. We will learn a lot. Multiple streams of income is important now not only for the rich, but also or especially for other, ordinary people as they usulally depend on one job only. What is also important is to adjust/ create new systems which will allow for that as the current laws and regulations are not very supportive for ordinary people. But also, it will affect the rich ones, eg. Empty offices. Perhaps this is also an area for transformation as well. There is always a way and I do believe that by cooperating and sharing creativity, we will go through this crisis 🍀

  7. I paid off my student loan If someone gets it for free that's unfair to me

  8. Dr-Alex Raymond

    As the economic crisis keep rising, one needs to have different streams of income, a well detailed diversified investment portfolio in the financial markets is needed to survive, as well as secure a profitable investment future, Thanks so much Mrs. Kristin Hartman for improving my portfolio

  9. Robert was right to push Ral on the fine detail because Ral is pushing a narrative that goes against everything Robert, and a host of others, see as nothing more snake oil, smoke, and mirrors. Behind everything that's happened on this scam (think Y2K and Climate Change), lays $5 trillion of taxpayers money that has been spent by polticians on Renewables that cannot keep the lights on when push comes to shove. Meanwhile, the recipients of this unacceptably squandered public money buy up natural resources and baseload energy producers, and ramp up the prices to make their renewables seem acceptable. Robert's concerns are legitimate, and as Grandma always used to tell us, "if you see something you don't understand always look for the financial incentive". Too many are either pushing snake oil for a price, or have been offered shares in the spoils. Either way they have sold their souls for perdonal gain.

  10. What does it mean when the WEF says this? It means they aren't predicting, they are telling us what they are nefariously working to make happen.

  11. I realized that the secret to making a million is making better investment. I always tell myself you don't need that new Car or that vacation just yet and that mindset helps me make more money invest:ng. For example last year I invested 70k in blue chip stocks and crypt0 s (with the help of my advisor of course) and made about 380k, but guess what? I put it back and traded with her again and now I'm rounding up close to a million. Delayed gratification always pays off

  12. It’s concerning how all you “experts” are so smart with hindsight, but never give solutions except to sell your courses in hindsight knowledge and the usual scams like crypto and gold and silver.

    It’s the stuff of carpet baggers.

  13. Create COVID , create inflation , send everyone broke , bring out GBDC and everyone is controlled financially by the system

  14. Raoul Pal the crypto king??? Only deluded clowns would think that.

  15. YES

  16. This guy should have powells job.

  17. Raoul isn't truly knowledgeable. He's talking about 1940s and 50s by looking at the charts. And then poof, economy went back up so it must go up now. It's not that simple. It was the overall sentiment of "we won, now let's rebuild the world" that brought it up. That is NOT the case now. People refuse to work, refuse to get out of bed. So you can't really compare the two. Nonsense.

  18. Signature Enterprises LLC

    You are so wrong comparing the 40s to today. There is no cheap housing being built on a large scale, there is no baby boom, we don't have a work ethic now, we are not producing good internally, etc…

  19. Signature Enterprises LLC

    UBI no way! will cause more inflation. People need to produce things that will fix it, work.

  20. Signature Enterprises LLC

    @9:50 biggest tightening of all history. NOT, 1980 Volcker raise rate 5%! In March making the Fed rate 20%!!! We are not even close to that in any dimension. Your statement is FALSE sir.

  21. Signature Enterprises LLC

    This guy keeps contradicting himself, like with the oil embargo and @5:54 the economy collapsed, then he says it didn't go into recession…WAIT a collapse is a recession. @9:50 inflation and debasement are one in the same, they are not different, ECON 101

  22. Sandheere Digitall

    Great Advice 👍

  23. Why is it always redundancy here?

  24. YourDailyBlockchain

    WOW – probably one of the best videos I’ve seen this year


  26. “The world is 400% in debt”
    To who? Mars?

  27. “Printing money” was a term of a journo attempting to be noticed more.
    Issuance of bonds ( just an IOU)by government & some large companies is what is meant by this confusing bs that pervades the sheep financial commentators.
    Bonds is factual & educational.

  28. Like your shoe/videos… BUT… can you ABBREVIATE the videos so we can make the most of your content and others also. 43 min? … we do not have time to watch. How about some Crib Notes for the busy people???

  29. The crowd is always wrong, and sheep are slaughtered.
    Don’t expect a few months of recession – it will persist for at least 6 to 9 months. Short recessions are normally no big deal & are necessary for a temporary reset.
    This recession will be the longest since the Great Depression days of 90 years ago. Unemployment rose to over 30 percent then.

  30. "Shocking speed." OK, that's all I needed to know… Global Recession coming.

  31. Raoul is a NWO lackey.

  32. Perfect Is Boring

    I hate it when Robert Kyosaki keeps telling the same stories over and over and over and over again and again 😵‍💫.

  33. Food is not a service its a good, energy is a service.
    Does anyone know why george noble has this guy on the wall of shame?