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Mr 100X Metaverse presale details revealed in great detail we are finally about to drop our own metaverse project in 2022 which is well overdue. Now you can implement the same metaverse strategies i will be doing with Sandbox metaverse real estate. At the moment this virtual land is not for the average joe until now. This is a huge metaverse business opportunity and very well might be the best land NFT or metaverse NFT project in 2022 packed with juicy utility. We all want to be Metaverse landlords but the barrier to entry in the sandbox game is pretty pricey. Metaverse land NFTs has been turning people into millionaires but if you can build a real business in the metaverse or experience with 3d representations or avatars then you found yourself a cash cow. With this metaverse business you can earn active and passive income by renting virtual land to corporations, lawyers, accountants and even podcasters, the opportunities are endless

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📢 Disclaimer: The content within this video and on this YouTube channel is solely for educational and entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor nor am I a legal Councillor, I am simply a crypto fanatic who loves blockchain technology because I truly believe it will change the world. So please do your own research and be fully aware of risks involved when investing into any such crypto and or platform! Crypto currencies is an extremely volatile digital asset and comes with major risks.


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  1. ⏳️🎯 Timestamps provided below

    (please keep in mind the numbers and percentages in this video has changed due to the community requests, please visit the following link for the updated structure that also has timestamps: )

    🏢Join Business License NFT chat to contribute now:

    @00:28 why i am launching this project

    @2:05 how the business license NFT works in sandbox metaverse

    @3:02 This is a cash flowing business that appreciates

    @4:45 The currency you will be paid in

    @11:15 Types of income streams we will be creating

    @15:19 Blueprints to show you the current build of my estate

    @23:40 Community voting rights how this works

  2. If we own an NFT, will we get priority access to events taking place in the Metapolitan?

  3. I was so thrilled to learn about this I got out of some coins I was in to fund my whitelist entry! Can't wait! Thanks TCL for the alpha!

  4. I'm trying to understand this better – is there value for anyone who are looking to just invest their money in what you're creating here for a passive form of income?

  5. Absolutely revolutionary Francis, bring on the cashflow and yield on the metaverse

  6. This is a good business model being build op , also the community will be very supportive and active

  7. Glad you are making this available for those that can't afford to get into sand. So much alpha

  8. Great project! BHB-blowing!🔥🔥 the one problem i had about it, i saw u guys already solved it(the numbers) but the other problem i have is, the officers need a discount too for phase 2, they’re the “average joe’s”… they’re the ones getting less profits, its a helping hand for them to keep growing, but great project overall 🤛🏾 keep it up Bro.. #TCL #BHB

  9. The problem I'm seeing with this, is possibly the lack of clearly defined target audience. The project seems too complicated and "sweaty" for the NFT degens (the "I see jpeg, I buy jpeg" dudes) and, at the same time, too silly for suits, especially since Facebook's metaverse hype fell off a cliff. Sandbox tries to repeat Roblox and Minecraft success, but in crypto – and that's great, but it means that after a month or two, its userbase is going to consist mainly of teenagers. I doubt if there are any people who want to have, for example, virtual office meetings in Sandbox.

  10. Nice. Multiple revenue streams in creating residual income is a very good idea of course. Thanks for sharing this fundamental principal of wealth generation as I am sure many need to be educated on this. Hell Frances, I bet some of your followers do not even have a budget set up. To create such a symbiotic oppertunity in the Metaverse on your part is very generous. as the saying goes…"A rising tide lifts all boats" Thanks again.

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