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Mystery of the Moon's Gruithuisen Domes | LRO 4K Episode 5

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The Mystery of the Gruithuisen Domes on the Moon.
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Image Credits: NASA

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  1. We still know less about our own Planet than we should. And I’m left wondering why. Are governments of the World hiding something, causing disinterest in exploring our Oceans?

  2. Hey Astrum….Lat 19 S Long 117.5 E is where the so called Apollo 20 mission found a 4km long spaceship and a city. How about having a real good look for us?

  3. Do a Collab with Anton Petrov! He's almost same sub count, very close to 1 mil, and covers mostly space related topics. He's also had a tough year having lost his infant son by persevering and continuing to make content. The two of you are my favorite content creators and it would be a dream come true seeing a Collab

  4. Two and a half minutes in,I won't lie. It looks opposite. The large thing looks. Like the crater and the two depressions look like little spiky domes. It's annoying that I am seeing it backwards but without establishing shot or accompanying additional visuals to help flip that visual in my mind. Dang!

  5. The seemingly unusual/impossible surface features seen on the moon and many other celestial bodies are only "puzzling" if you believe the absurdity of the standard model where literally EVERYTHING in the universe is the result of collisions and explosions. This is the best alternative explanation out there with actual EXPERIMENTAL evidence that validates it. The visuals they create in the laboratory are striking as they are virtually indistinguishable from the surfaces we see on celestial bodies like the moon and mars. Complete with central dome craters, hexagonal craters, aligned overlapping crater chains, and scattered small craters perfectly perched on the rims of larger craters, all of which are not explainable through the standard model. You have to believe in coincidences to the point of absurdity in order to deny this evidence. Just search the article "The craters are electric"

  6. NASA will send a rover to the Moon? Why not man? Because no man has ever been there.

  7. The moon was created n built on Jupitar, 600.000 years ago, n towed into exact space, reptilians Control the moon, nazi's n greys also work on n within the moon.

  8. Rhyolite (or rhyodacite, etc) domes aren't always subduction related on Earth. They can be produced by mantle plume hotspots under continental lithosphere — with the silicic magmas being generated, I assume, by some combination of fractional crystalization and crustal contamination.

    And obviously hotspot-associated (no subduction required) rhyolite magma chambers can be huge — as in > 1,000 km3 … see VEI-8 eruptions at the Yellowstone Hotspot.

  9. I’m not saying it’s aliens, but… it’s aliens.
    Jk; great video! I enjoyed it very much; and I know you will reach 1M Subs very soon!!

  10. Early congrats on a million subs. You deserve it for these quality educational videos. I revisit The Opportunity and Galilean Moons series often as they're some of my favourite YouTube videos of all time. Cheers!

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