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This video explains how NFT’s are changing lives every single day, it also goes through how you can get started with NFTs and how NFTs could help change your life financially in 2022.

Please remember to do your own advice, this is not financial advice, it is simply my opinion!

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  1. Blockchain Miners Club is going to change so many lives in 2022, including mine. SO looking forward to the Jan 18 mint/creation on the ultra miners, and the passive income they will generate.

  2. I’m an international student from west Africa really trying my best to get my hands on an NFT Ive been researching and hoping to get my hands on one God willing . Anyways Great video I just sent this to my pops in Africa he needed a little bit of explanation on NFTs and impact it will have in the future

  3. I like your videos
    I just started learning about it
    And I think I'm going to be following your tips 🙂👌🏾💯

  4. Just found your channel via a link on BCM Discord. Great video, gives us newbies hope! Subscribed 🙂 I've been playing with altcoins for a couple years, but have been tempted by the NFT thing more recently. I made a silly mistake buying into the gold hunt game (lost loads with so many gas fees), but looks like a good choice in minting a BCM, which has gone up rapidly in the last few days. Wish I'd bought a 2nd one of those now when they were cheap, but it is all a learning curve… Potential long termer that one anyway as others have commented here. Then I took a big risk, sold much crypto and minted a JRNY right at the end of the Dutch auction (1.208 ETH). That is more money than I spent on my car! I hope this will yield good advice going forward, already minted a Squishy on the back of it and trying to learn how to use their NFT bots to study the market. The only issue I've really got is the NFT's I've bought so far have been bought for their utility rather than bought to flip. Would like to get to a point where I can buy multiples of the same on interesting project to make quick money, but also benefit from what the NFT has to offer…
    All interesting stuff, but still got sooo much to learn! Fun times ahead though, cheers!

  5. As someone completely new to NFT I really enjoyed listening and learning some great inspiring information. This will definitely be my go to channel for NFT info. Thank you so much.

  6. I just got into NFTs a few days ago and this video helped a lot! Lots of good info man really appreciate the video. Subscribed!

  7. I was skeptical on NFTs for the longest time until I actually looked into them. Now I don't see how I could go without them. BMC is what truly got me hooked! The team, utility and community behind the project are simply amazing

  8. Guys if you are reading this, its literally not TOO LATE to get into Blockchain Miner NFT. You who are reading this, if you dont scoop one up now you will shoot yourself in the foot and return to this comment to let me know you should have. It will not only change my life but yours too. EARN PASSIVELY WITH MEEEE!

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