Operation Scan Pyramids Found Secret Chamber

Operation Scan Pyramids Found Secret Chamber?

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Main Narration By Don Moffit: www.donmoffit.com


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  1. Your use of the word tombs implies burial Chambers and we know that the pyramids were used for demon possession of the initiate's through the F chakra created through the rhombus that is the pyramid. Through the metal plate deep beneath the pyramid. Your applications are either half-witted or intentionally misdirecting. You'll give account for your lack of understanding or you're misleading Behavior

  2. Did he ever return the "found"items? Ntm the gold foil inlays and energy receptors.

  3. It’s amazing the lengths we will go to in an effort to ignore the fact that the pyramids were build by our ancestors and they are just what they look like imposing monuments to inflate the egos of the pharaohs in charge at the time nothing more

  4. It’s Just a pile of rocks man!

  5. What makes you think the passages will lead to a tomb? There is no evidence anywhere else that dynastic Egyptians ever had anything to do with the pyramids – certainly none that they were ever inside them.

  6. Try To Remember The Following: . . . Beware Of The Criminal Controlled, Compulsive Lying, $$$ Bought & Owned Pieces Of Crapidemia . . . aka The Crapidemics . . . And The Same Goes For The Compulsive Lying Criminal Controlled So Called Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Geologists And Egyptologists And Paleontologists . . . It Is A $$$ Making Business For Them, And A Ruthless, Cut-Throat Compulsive Lying Very Deceptive One At That . . . 🙁

  7. Excellent.

  8. WHEN did TuT get inside Pyramid???

  9. The pyramids were not tombs, they were prediluvian power plants

  10. why arent they using that tech to look at the sphinx? or older ancient structures? or even another planet?

  11. No tombs were ever found in the three pyramids

  12. Despite this information being several years old and adding a picture of that dreadful Hawas guy, I still salute your effort in bringing the true reality to us.

  13. sharing

  14. Operation "Scan Pyramids" 😂

  15. the heat can only be from radioactive material.

  16. I love this channel, but find it odd that old videos are constantly reposted as new ones. Sure, the information is great, but how about some new vids.

  17. They are not tombs but something quite different. What? Who knows!

  18. I'm a little worried that there are some, unnamed few, who have already known about the secret Chambers and have taken their contents. It's a sad thing to think of but the reality is they have been trying to cover up this all for as long as we have known.

  19. 😳😳😳😳😳😳❤️

  20. Very interesting

  21. why do you think there would be "tombs" in there? more likely mixing chamber

  22. The pyramids are NOT tombs! Still Compelling.

  23. Mrunken Daster🎩

    Words of advice Egypt, keep the Caucasians out .

  24. Cosmic egg hidden inside

  25. You should do a video on the Bosnian pyramids! The dragon, the moon, and the sun pyramids!