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Due to the SANCTIONS Russia now needs to find new markets to sell its OIL & NATURAL GAS into. All Shipping Requires INSURANCE and 90% of Global Shipping Insurance is provided by Insurance Companies based in EUROPE & USA. It has now emerged that RUSSIA is SELF INSURING all of these SHIPPING DELIEVRIES. This means that Russia will have to pay the full cost of any OIL DISASTERS. In this video I provide full details of this issue, look at what an OIL DISASTERS involves and discuss the RISKS ON THE GLOBAL ECONOMY of this Very Risky Decision.

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  1. Don't have time to watch the whole video but I'd think Russia can hire certified, insured carriers and the buyer pays for delivery. If you have oil, like gas, you're in the driver's seat. This video appears to be another doom and gloom warning to Russia that gives Western viewers hope that their governments know what they're doing because right now they're heading for the big freeze thanks to their stupidity, greed and imperialism.

  2. There's no shortcut to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it. I’ve been seeking financial advices for a few years and I’ve acquired over 3M dollars. Start early to create other sources of income so you don't suffer in retirement or old age

  3. Many comments already state that Russia will never pay any claims. So who really considers Russia as reliable insurer of oil transports? Close the Baltic sea and Mediterranean sea from these non-insured transport! Seriously!

  4. Russia will need to provide military escorts for these ships. Can't trust certain countries …

  5. Well who insist on buying Russian oil via tankers? India and China.
    So if something goes wrong, and Russian insurance won't pay up? India and China have to pay up. They cannot have their cake and eat it too.

  6. russia is kickin arse in every repsect unlike our so called evil depotic system,,,democracy in the west are you Kidding…its good for once seeing nato collapsing…the real war mongers and shite of the earth….god bless russia…the facts not your fantasy nobhed

  7. I'd like to make a claim on my ship leaking into the south China sea …"hmm , we don't seem to have a policy in your company name " . " it wasn't a maritime accident it is an oil relocation"

  8. That’s a paltry sun comparing to 80 billion spent for weapons in Ukraine

  9. Whateve they say whatever they do the reality is one, since they cannot attack Russsia directly to take over their resources they badly need, in the end its only 1 winner, a direct attack on Russia is out of the question frm now on, saw on u tube very recently the Russians have launched their first Real dooms day weapon their huge sub loaded with Poeidon autonomous underwater nuclear "drones" nuclear powered nuclear armed with 100 mega tons of explosive power in each Poseidon, enough to cause a huge tsunamy of a 100 foot wave can you imagine half a dozen of these exploding on each side of your country? they can lay dormant under the water up to 100 miles away from your coast n activated remotely when needed anyone thinks they can find them? probably easier to find a neddle in a haystack, whatever happens things will change Drastically in the near future, absolute power corrups, lets just Hope No 1 country will Ever have have Humanity by the thoat ever again, No more billionaires n millions of homeless

  10. Can Russia afford to sell India "all the oil" at a 30% discount? $70/ barrel?
    And who will buy Russia's excess oil?

  11. Russia wants to sell their oil, and China and India intend to buy the oil. The West has turned a simple import and export process into a complex insurance and re-insurance process to control international trade on their terms. We will start witnessing the decoupling the Western control of the world economy in the coming years.

  12. Russian starting printing Rubles by the billions to spread their money through out the world. They can print them and pay for self insureds

  13. I wonder how many of them ships are being tracked by Ukraine. You mention sabotage in the video it's only matter time before one of them ships goes down, for me.

  14. If a disaster happens NATO and the USA will clean up and pay up as they are the ones which caused it by unilaterally putting sanctions on Russia, which is illegal.

  15. We are in a global food crisis becouse of Putin invasion of Ukraine and Putin blocking export of corn and wheat and sunflower oil form Ukriane as Ukriane is the world bread basket it produces more food stuff than another country and exports that via Odessa black sea harbor this is why we now have food crises !!!

     Yes it is true this green politics of vegans and other fare leftist also contributing heavily to this for sure but things was more or less fine before your Putin started a war in a European country (right after I may add he and his buddy in Belarus tried to flow into Europe refugees via Poland !! )

    You want to get this to end 2 things need to happen

    1. help Ukraine export the food before it gos bad sitting on the harbors in Odessa and kick Putin out of Ukraine .

    2 remove all those leftists green political greta Thunberg lovers and reopen gas and oil production in US and expand it in Norway also you maybe ints., to know that Ukraine has the 3rd biggest gas reserve of fracking gas (Shale Gas reserves in Europe ) and its untaped there is enough in Ukriane to supply all of European energy needs for gas for the next 50 years !!! (it was found by geologist only in 2013 ) and in 2014 your beloved Putin invaded Ukraine when he understood a European friendly gov. will be taking over and was making deals to deliver gas ti Europe !! BET YOU DID NOT KNOW THAT DID YOU !!

    Russian only invaded after it was proved by geologist that Ukraine in fact has the 3rd largest gas fracking reserves this was something they only found out about in 2013 ..(Russia and Putin was afraid if a EU / US friendly government came to power in Kiev the EU and USA will move in start gas production and the EU will start buying its gas from Ukraine and not Russia )

    Ukraine has Europe's 3rd largest shale gas reserves at 42 trillion cubic …Russia’s silent shale gas victory in Ukraine The vast shale gas reserves in the separatist-held Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are an important element not to be overlooked when analyzing the Ukraine crisis.

    Ukraine loses 80% of oil and gas deposits in Black Sea due to annexation of Crimea and that is what Putin wants to make sure never happens becouse since 1991 he and his oligarch buddies have been tapping into those resources for themselves stealing the profits from the Ukrainian ppl.

  16. 16:10 – "The fact that the Russia is taking on all of the insurance and all of the reinsurance is a waste of time. Essentially this makes a nonsense of the concept of reinsurance …" Well, you're right… sorta kinda, but… not really.

    Joe, it might look stupid and a "nonsense", but then again, ask yourself "what is the purpose" and "what if" (and WHO is the entity).
    The answer to the first question is plain and obvious – to get the paperwork "in order" – formally, at least. There's insurance, there's reinsurance, there's seaworthiness certificate and what not – so STFU and load the damned thing with crude, and send it full steam ahead, capito?
    Oil send, money earned, "everybody happy" (well, SOME will be happy, that's for sure).

    OK, so the first problem is "solved", and then there's the question "what if?" Ship happens, y'know… Well, the answer is also pretty simple, straightforward and obvious for anyone familiar with "Russia and it's ways" – and it is NOTHING. (Like in "nothing will ever happen".)
    If the "ship happens" in Russian waters, then "it's none of your business" – and no real clean-up will take place, and NO local entity or individual will be compensated (apart from some token payments, if any).
    And if the "ship happens" in someone else's waters – then "it's none of OUR business" – and as it ALWAYS been the case of Soviet/ Russian aviation accidents "investigated" by MAK (Межгосударственный авиационный комитет, or IAC – Interstate Aviation Committee), the fault was always assigned to dead pilot(s) – it was NEVER Aeroflot's (or USSR/ Russia) fault.

    Same here – spills takes place, local authorities plus international help will do the dirty (literally) work, pay all the costs, and then Russia will tell them that the cause of the accident was beyond the scope/ coverage of the insurance policy, so kindly please go outside and pleasure yourself. No single rouble or dollar will be ever paid, and all you could do would be to sue them. In Russian courts, that is…

    What? They can be taken to INTERNATIONAL courts? Oh dear…
    Now, think for a moment – they have broken already all their obligations, they disregarded the international law, attacked independent country, killed its civilians, often with weapons prohibited by international treaties (of which Russia was signatory), they frequently and openly threaten nuclear strikes on UK, US and other countries, they basically "burned all bridges", and you're wondering what will happen if "ship happens"? I mean, "RU4reel?", as semi-literate youngsters used to say nowadays…?

    "Just have a think", as goes the name of some other YT channel…

  17. Russia is looking at alternative solutions around mounting obstacles imposed by the western alliance. Sadly Joe Blogs seems to present a fear-mongering negative anti-Russia narrative. I think the Russians are clever at sanction-busting remedy. Their glass is half-full and not half-empty.

  18. just imagine a ucraine magnetc sea mine with a timer clinging on one of those oil ships. just had a nightmare

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