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Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke on navigating a downturn, innovating in compensation & more | E1568

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(0:00) Jason intros today’s segments!
(1:40) Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke joins to break down Shopify’s wild ride over the past 2+ years and the state of the e-commerce market post-COVID peaks
(13:00) Spokn – Get 3 months free at
(14:19) Dealing with stock price distractions during periods of volatility, innovating Shopify’s compensation system
(27:56) Masterworks – Skip the waitlist to invest in fine art using at
(29:23) Tobi breaks down the ideation of Shopify’s new “Flex Comp” system
(38:53) Helpware – Go to to get $1000 off your first invoice
(40:09) Laying off 10% of staff over the summer
(45:38) Competing with Amazon, innovating in fulfillment
(56:25) Shop Pay, BNPL, and remote work quirks
(1:15:58) Producer Rachel welcomes Jules Terpak back for another OK Boomer segment covering Gen Z online life, the entertainment economy, social media backlash, “Sharenting” and more

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(13:00) Spokn – Get 3 months free at
(27:56) Masterworks – Skip the waitlist to invest in fine art using at
(38:53) Helpware – Go to to get $1000 off your first invoice

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  1. Most such companies are sh!t, I'm barely ever impressed, the larger the companies get the more obnoxious & disappointing they seem to get.

  2. Love these types of episodes. These are the kind of interviews that made me fall in love with TWIST. I've missed these kind of contents.

  3. Amazing interview by Tobi – I love his strategic systems-thinking mindset. Learned a lot from this one

  4. funny thing about Volv being tiktok for news is that that’s partly how tiktok started. bytedance founder had 2 early apps the first being neihan duanzi (no longer available) which was a jokes/culture/lifestyle app and the second being Toutiao (250M MAU) an easy to consume news app powered by an amazing recommendation algorithm. Toutiao became super successful and sticky because of how well it tailored news shown to the user’s interests. it was the cult following of neihan duanzi’s culture content combined with the stickiness and power of Toutiao’s algorithmic nature that formed the basis of the Tiktok we know and love (or hate) today.

    Will be interesting to see if they end up having the same issues as Toutiao where publishers took toutiao to court for copyright infringement and unfair competition because they would pull publishers content, reformat it, and host it on their own servers. (essentially stealing their work and then causing a loss of revenue from ads they don’t get to show on their own website)

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