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Have you ever wondered how the bigger youtubers always seem to have been in a crypto project for a week even though youre just now finding out about it in the first place!?

@Your Friend Andy is one of those YouTubers, and he has started a club with Colin, the @Decade Investor – to bring together MORE crypto researchers and find node projects, defi systems, NFT buys and more before they launch.

There are places in there to talk about BTC Mining, GPU Mining, Helium Mining and all sorts of investments that are meant to produce money while you sleep.

Join me, Andy, Colin and a thousand others in an ongoing discussion about whats next in crypto at the link below:


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  1. Hey, now that this video is 2 months old, can you tell a little bit more about if you managed to get some cryptos very early as you mentioned in the video? That would be the only reason I would join this club (not interested in stock market, mining or yield farming etc), but I fear the layout of the server, as seen on your video, might be too convoluted and cryptic to be useful. Are the ICO recommendations clear and beginner friendly? Do they just get lost under wall of text of lengthy discussions, or are they pinned or something? Thanks Nicholas!

  2. Thinking about it, but even $60 for my poor ass, is tough to swallow. I know you gotta spend money to make money though.

  3. Hate to add to the criticism here, but you need to hear it. This sort of sponsored content feels off brand for you because it feels like all the things your followers were already averse to. Subscription-based communities which are effectively a “DYOR” group who have some clout feels like all the scam consulting courses on get rich quick schemes you see all over the internet, typically from vapid YouTubers. I think, like many of your comments here, that you’re better than this direction, and though you may have best intentions in wanting to pay forward insight on new entrants in this space, and feel you can make a minor commission from who is recruited, it is important to situate that in the broader context of what you’ve represented so far, which is honest, succinct, and informative content. With all due respect, this just doesn’t feel like the move from what we know of you.

  4. $60 a month lol!!!! If you pay to be a part of a discord server about earning money, I can tell you right now, the only ones that are making money are the ones robbing you of $60 a month. You want to make that money? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Don't fall for these scam artist that say "Pay me X amount of dollars, and I'll make you rich."

  5. I still can’t talk; but when I can. I will be back on you tube. Great video again mate

  6. What Is Pump-and-Dump?

    Pump-and-dump is a manipulative scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock or security through fake recommendations. These recommendations are based on false, misleading, or greatly exaggerated statements. The perpetrators of a pump-and-dump scheme already have an established position in the company's stock and will sell their positions after the hype has led to a higher share price.

    This practice is illegal based on securities law and can lead to heavy fines. The burgeoning popularity of cryptocurrencies has resulted in the proliferation of pump-and-dump schemes within the industry.

    Basically the discord is this.

  7. another great video as usual! question about your immersion setup at the moment and how it performing at the moment as far as temperatures are running? I am running a very similar setup to the engineered fluids case, just welded out of steel sheeting though, and with a 3d printed cap on the bottom of the miner with the fluid getting pumped right into that. using the march pump mdx-mt3, it seems like I am not having enough flow, as chip temps at the bottom of the unit run around 40C, but the very top temps are running close to 80-85C with a 15 TH overclock applied, and fluid going the same direction the airflow was designed to flow.

  8. Interesting – but my issue is that the site referenced was registered in Dec-2021 (per WhoIs) , so it is a new site that has no history nor track record. Yeah, that much and automatic recurring payments is a big NO for me. I like your content, but am disappointed that you did not start the video with telling us this is an ad.

  9. I appreciate the insight and I don’t think this is a “sell-out” video like some do. I invested in a ton of altcoin projects last year and was part of some groups who highlighted early notice on very good opportunities. Unfortunately, I found that I’m terrible at picking the right ones. I leveraged way too much into the bad ones and didn’t invest enough in the few that made money. Then I’m also the guy who rides them way too far back down out of some misguided hope that it’s just a small dip before the big rise. I lost a lot of money last year doing this. I started mining AFTER all that drama. Wish I had been mining the entire time, would have been far better off. I found I’m a terrible speculator.

  10. 60 dollars a month for what is essentially a gated discord server, no harm but i thought you were better than that.

  11. This dude's deleting comments. Be very wary. Do not join this discord. One or two things will happen, number one the FBI will be on you, watching your activity. #2 this is an opportunity to have a ton of fish Buy in so they can dump. Edit. He's not deleting, he's "having them held for review". SMH.

  12. Hey, you know those rug pulls that happen???? Do you want to be in one??? For only 59.99 you too can get promised the moon, only to be screwed hard by sketchy crypto investors!!!

  13. I still believe in StrongBlock and their StrongChain! David Moss knows his shit and everyone needs to chill out and be patient!

  14. I’ll be the first to say it. Do not join Sleep Money Club. They promote NaaS “passive income” projects. They say the projects are extremely risky, in reality it is a DeFi Ponzi. NaaS do not provide any real value to the world or to anyone in particular. They are First In, First Out Investments. Trust me when I say, you’ll never be first. Joining this club will not give you an advantage. You’ll always be the last one holding the bag as the price drops on your head.

    One of my buddies exposed Andy and this horrible practice. Then Andy blocked him. shocker

    Remember folks, if you can’t explain in two sentences where the yield in the DeFi platform you're in comes from, you are the source of the yield. You are exit liquidity.

  15. FYI, Coinbase offers AVAX withdraw on the C chain. The site looks a little fishy with its layout

  16. This zzz poop club is just a scam, i used to follow you because you looked like a normal guy trying to make extra monies… but this video is just an advertisement… one follower lost be cool…

  17. PUMPED to have you in the club man! Super excited to have more ASIC talk. Especially since I'm planning to jump into the S19 Pro BTC mining pool with you. Also excited to get you onboard with some of my favorite node projects like FLUX!

  18. Maybe if I didn’t buy so many GPUs I could afford it. Speaking of which, anyone selling any cards? Anyone? I need a quick fix, just a 1660 or two will take the edge off..

  19. This makes sense now. I actually did not see the scam before this video! Andy and others get early access from connections, they shill the product to their viewers, pump the value and then bail for profit and leave the noobs holding the bag. Now you can throw in $60 bucks a month to get "early" access of their pump and dumps. I wouldn't have been so skeptical if instead, you all developed a coin/node/product yourselves and made it something that yields a purpose. This feels more like a sales pitch for a time-share rental.

  20. Fellow ZZZ member here. The value of the club is tremendous – I'm super happy to be a member.
    Awesome video too! (I happen to be an F1 fan as well!)

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