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Tana Tour with Maggie Appleton: Content pipeline, daily template, decision making, and travel

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00:00 – Intro
03:45 – Why Tana?
05:34 – Tour begins, day tag
07:23 – Tracking what’s on her mind
08:29 – Hide fields when empty
10:00 – Simple search for what’s on her mind
12:08 – Writing pipeline, grouped by stage, sorted by motivation
20:30 – Fields as prompts
22:30 – How to write introductions
24:00 – Thinking about how to come up with your own structure
26:28 – Flight tracking
27:47 – Decisions – ice cream maker, buying a home
30:40 – Tracking questions
32:35 – What are you excited about for the future of TfT?
35:45 – What advice would you give to new Tana users?


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  1. Very very very very tired of hype-apps that are finished but you have to wait for them… because… well yes because why exactly? It is just to create some sort of craving… I really don't like it. Just produce an app that works and everyone can use it. And not this stupid waitlist nonsense Come on! What is this? Lala Land?

  2. this was helpful. "what's on your mind" seems like a helpful approach. i suppose you can tag nodes that way anywhere in your graph.

  3. Is Maggie using a DSLR with Lighting for her WebCam set up, she looks great. The Bokeh is lovely.

  4. May anyone help me with an invite if you are an existing user? Many thanks in advance. I have seen more than dozens of tutorials but still stuck on the waiting list. 😅

  5. Thank you so much Maggie and Rob, really enjoyed the tour and as a newbie to Tana wanting to set it up as a research and writing platform it was particularly useful.

  6. Will Tana have a way to automatically check those URLs you put into it to see if they are still alive (or updated)? And what will happen if they are dead or have been updated? Will the system somehow guide us to be able to continue with the change?

  7. Is there any commercial release date for Tana? I really liked the proposal. My information management is chaotic, overloaded with too much information and the corresponding difficulty in finding what I'm looking for. Note apps are overly concerned with the information gathering part, just using tags and boolean search, at most, regex. The idea of ​​supertags, I will try to replicate in Obsidian with intermediate notes, until they release Tana.

  8. Re: the "What's On Your Mind" Query – how do you show the "node" as the first column? I'd love to recreate something like this!

  9. Just thinking about "backlinks". Ted Nelson specified hyperlinks (he coined terms like hypertext and so forth) as bidirectional, though the internet did not go in that direction.But Doug Engelbart called for "backlinks", which in very early blogs were lists of URLs which pointed at this page; Ward Cunningham had automatic backlinks in Federated Wiki, along with other platforms most all of which predated Roam. Roam, however, was well promoted – and well executed – so it seems to get all the credit.

  10. Is there a way to donate to support the project and maybe get earlier access? Also, what kind of import options will there be?

  11. It's like Roam and Notion had a baby. I'm on the list for an account–and preparing for my certain move!

  12. Well seems (again) like a Roam killer. Still only focused on texts only. Seems to be no ways to manage files as primary citizens. The reasons I moved from Roam to Obsidian 18 months ago is because I don’t live in an universe with only my « textual ideas » but my PKM universe includes a lot (Gb…) of files that are not « notes ». My « notes » references and works with all those data a lot and a pure web app like Roam or it seems Tana is too « in the clouds » to be my real world PKM.

  13. Can’t find mention of this app anywhere online. Could someone provide a link to it? Or is it in still in alpha and not available to the public?

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