The Problem With Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds First ImpressionsReview

The Problem With Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds (First Impressions/Review)

YouTube video

How I feel about Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. Let me know in the comments what you think.

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  1. sounds like one of those dumb "Idle Games" where the game it plays it self.

  2. it is actually a good game, if u want engagment do the world bosses, field bosses, dimenstional border, pvp, larva vally. list goes on. i also like that i can afk farm stuff, it is a shame that its pretty pay to win seeing as there a some players who have 1.5mil combat power while i have only 300k

  3. Dineen Couillard

    I like that I got an ad for this game before the video.

  4. Enrique Raphaël Page Pérez

    At least you can WASD disbitch cause whenever I download a game that looks this freaking good and then connect my Kishi controller, only to find out it’s yet another stupid ass mobile game that does not support controller but still tried to be a “hardcore” game…. I flip bro.


  5. i completely agree with you. i havent played any other ni no kuni game before but i was excited to try this one out cause it looked gorgeous. and then i try it out and realize the game plays itself. whats even the point then? by the time i figured out how to turn auto combat off i thought why would i make it harder for myself if i dont need to. that wouldnt even be a thought if auto combat wasnt an option in the first place and gameplay would be a lot more fun, no, gameplay would actually exist.

  6. thx! now i know NOT to dowload 😉

  7. Immanuel Rhayner

    basically with mobile mmorpgs,if the game has an auto play button where the game plays itself.Delete it, its not worth your time

  8. Broken English Dev

    I feel like I didn't play a game . Most interactions are tap to continue except PVP


    Agree w all ur gripes as well. I wish i could be immersed into a different world and enjoy it but its a tedious auto play job rather than a game.

  10. No lie I was just about to buy this game until I seen all this

  11. Just select the manual mode

  12. This is what I feared. I played for a few minutes then just felt it was a shame. I could see some of the developers making the game did actually make an effort, the cutscenes were great and they immersed me into the story but the auto battling… Yea it just takes away the experience.

  13. Are there any actual alternatives to this? Genshins map seems nice but I would enjoy a more traditional pvp mmo. The autoplay ruins it and even wouldn't mind as much as there is so little combat in the first 20 levels it was terrible. Take basically no damage.

  14. Glenn Maniling

    This is what happens when a console player plays a mmorpg mobile game, you won't understand the real nature of it.

  15. this game is like mir4, auto play for lvling then manual play for pvp

  16. You complain that the game option that plays the game for you…plays the game for you.

    Not to defend the game or anything but your problems with the auto stuff is your fault because “it is too efficient” which really means you were too lazy to play the game.

  17. Only 10ish hours in. It definitely plays itself. I don't hate it but it'd be better if the only automatic part was the pathing, like BDO. I'm enjoying it but I doubt I'll make it past 20-30 hours.

  18. I personally love the game I never played the other games but I think this one is super fun

  19. 0:13 first 13 sec and it already triggers me da fuck you talking about? There are obviously many games whp hace those what you said and are even better than the first game of nino kuni u talking about

  20. I agree. As someone who just want to enjoy the game, I would say I'm dissapointed. The graphics are good, the stories are somehow interesting, and cut-scenes are amazing, but the automation of the quests is just lame. It's like you're playing but you're not.

  21. First of all, the servers are literally full at certain times, which is undoubtedly times where people are gaming, starts full at 7pm UTC+8 and reaches its climax where the queue you've to wait is 800 players at around 10pm UTC+8! It's horrendously long, I've tried waiting once for an hour and more just to fken login the game!; another time is around the daily reset times, 2pm UTC+8, but it's not as long as at night (200-ish queues).
    You can, however, workaround this by logging in beforehand and just activate AI mode, the server still counts you logged in, therefore you can get back in the game whenever before your AI mode time runs out and directly enter the game without queueing (if there's one).

    Second reason I quitted the game is because the grinds are ridiculous, you can speed through 0 to 200k CP in less than a week easily, but once you hit 300k and above, you'll realise that territe ~the second currency that can be exchanged for crypto~ is required for most of the upgrades. The currency itself can be obtained from dailies (50/day) or you can grind ingame for 4 hrs just to get around 40 at most I've gotten. Meanwhile, the amount required to upgrade one equipment is at least 50 or its multiple, it's just annoyingly too many. You either choose to exchange them for a minimal of 300 to a crypto and sacrifice your progress (which I didn't do since it's too many and I'm not a miner) or the opposite.

    Final words, it's not that friendly for F2P players, you progress very very slowly since you're getting bottlenecked by the exchangeable currency that breaks the game, meanwhile your enemies keeps getting tougher. If you're a miner, yes, you can mine in this game, and it's quite the value too. However, keep in mind that if your level gap (which will increase as you grind more) between the monsters are high, your drops are significantly decreased and you may won't be getting anything, therefore forcing you to play the game properly. In the end, the game's as it claims to be, a play to earn… or play to waste time.

  22. Also you can customize your appearance but no one can see that customization but you (outside of outfits) like….what’s the point of that even.

  23. the pig thing that follows you everywhere is so annoying. it reminds me of james cordon and also sounds like him

  24. Lol when did you started playing mmorpg? Yesterday? 🤦‍♂️

  25. The game looks good but I couldn't get into it 😮‍💨 it lacks the free exploration and combat experience that genshin impact has…