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  1. Maybe we need to shift from " The Powers that Be" to " THE POWERS THAT WERE" 💫🙏

  2. I see a lot of Reptiles came here to encourage people to invest in Crypto, so that they can steal your money soon.

  3. This is all true. It brings me much joy knowing you are on top of everything going on in the matrix. 👍

  4. I remember when I just got into crypto back in 2017 but later in 2018 I ended up selling it because I was dumb and I didn't understand it. I studied and learned and now I know how it works. Got back into crypto early in 2021 and looks like we have the same mentality, I admit that seeing a -50% hurts but it's not a realized loss until you sell. Now I buy and just trade and I'm super picky who I listen too for crypto analysis..with Shirley Bagshaw Signal in few weeks, I have made over 22BTC with Shirley Bagshaw Signal in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.

  5. Hello. I watched your lecture on another channel. Can you share your method that is the past life regression? I would like to see my past and learn to travel.

  6. Elizabeth April, do you want me to pay you to watch Merrill Jenkins 2 videos on Youtube? How much do you want to watch them?

  7. All 100% of federal reserve notes are evidence of the numbers on the promissory notes held at the commercial banks and the federal reserve banks. Why is Elizabeth April not aware of this? My teacher is Merrill Jenkins, why are you afraid to bring up Merrill Jenkins?

  8. If you google "crypto currency" why do they always show a coin? Why not show a piece of paper or paper money?
    There is no physical coins that represent crypto currency in your tech device.
    Why do people say, "currency"? A number does not flow like a river, the word "currency" is incorrect.
    All your doing is having your tech device send a signal to another tech device, that's not sending anything but an electronic signal
    to other tech devices. Both tech devices are only changing the number on your screen, that is not "sending anything" to another device.
    Why are people afraid to think critically about this?

  9. Crypto is just numbers in a tech device. If you have coins or physical wealth it can't dissapear.
    Crypto in tech devices is just a number on your screen representing "nothing". A number cannot be the quanitity and the money.
    How can a billion of some thing just go away? If I had a billion apples where did they go? See the difference between the real physical world and numbers in a tech device?
    If anyone can create crypto currency why would anyone need another person's crypto if they can create their own crypto?
    The Amish live off the land and are connected to physical reality and are self sufficient, why is it others want someone else to create their monetary physical reality?
    How come the only one on Youtube asking these questions?

  10. What why was my comment deleted? You can just have crypto on your phone. That's fine for smaller amounts. The phone stores the keys – which is why you need a very trust worthy wallet that has open source code published.

    For larger amounts hardware wallet like Ledger and Trezor are recommended, but they are very hard to use – always have 2, one as backup, and don't store your passphrase in the cloud.

    It costs around 50,000 US to have any computer or phone hacked in the world – so therefore if you have more than 50k on your phone you become a hacking target, where it is profitable for someone to hire a hacker and hack your specific phone – that's why for these larger amounts you store on a hardware wallet, which is unhackable (practically).

    Anyway my – now deleted – comment was positive on this whole video, which has fantastic information I actually agree with and I shared on my Facebook.

  11. Don't use an exchange. Get a hard wallet. It's like a usb stick that holds your coins off the web (completely safe)
    . Ledger sell one that is less than $100.

  12. In the late 1800’s the Cabal created a run on banks and so the government gave the Fed to Rothschild and Rockerfellow and they are the cabal ! But something has to be backed by Gold or whatever !

  13. There’s no way this isnt a tool to moving us into digitclaurrancy there’s no way this corrupt government won’t just take control of it+ that’s the whole blatant trick is people think they are off grid but all being data harvested behavior guinie pigs so when the gov takes it it will be seized strategically – digital programmable money will be the end of our power our freedom our last rights. Privacy freedom right like an iTunes song we buy we own but is controlled taken away regulated and gone we have to buy it all over again.. slide slip away into that new normal

  14. Bitcoin / cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are NOT backed by any other asset. Their value is solely determined by supply and demand.

  15. You need to ask the question of who created "CRYPTO"? Nobody knows so why is it so mysterious? I believe the ones who are responsible have something to do with the FED. It all makes sense when you look at why the past presidents have indicated a new world order and a one-world government. The EU was created for this reason as a single currency but it all collapsed when the UK came out. Bitcoin is slowly but surely been accepted by the banking system and another question you should be asking is why? It isn't regulated! As far as I am concerned this will only benefit the elite, after all, they are the ones who are controlling it and they know just when to cash in which leaves everyone else left to pick up the pieces. It's all about control and eventually, they will be no money with the end goal of everyone being chipped but don't worry because you won't see this in your lifetime.

  16. Shadow government should not to be confused with shadow people. The former is way more evil & more in the category of shady characters.

  17. I’m so far out of the link, I have no idea about cryptocurrency 😂 I’ve heard about it, but don’t know anything about it. Sending love and light to everyone ❤️

  18. Crypto is our savior❤ There are so many of us that believe, they are building the infrastructure of the next internet. They will succeed. 🙏🌎❤️

  19. "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." –Dale Carnegie

  20. Did you know our Dutch Queen Maxima is promoting CBDC, central bank digital currency, and biometric digital ID?

  21. Who invented Crypto and what gives it value ? Most likely the Mossad/CIA Bankers put it into society to implement digital currency control and Transhumanist agenda … they will eventually pay wages via crypto and tell u what u can spend it on, how much and that u must spend all your wage etc… its demonic

  22. Pax Gold is a great crypto if you want to focus on buying decentralized currencies. Each token is backed by real Gold.

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