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The Twitter DEATH SPIRAL – Elon Musk at the Helm

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After finalizing an over priced deal that never should have been proposed… Elon Musk has begun tearing down twitter at almost every level. Executives, workers, and even advertisers are being ousted as the social media platform becomes a political, ideological, and financial battlefield.

Can the billionaire make this bloated corporate monstrosity profitable? or will it crumble under massive debt and political pressure. Lets discuss.


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  1. Twitter is an outrage engagement business. The more chaos the more provocation and the better business is.

  2. Twitter crash and burn? Good.
    Twitter crash and burn bringing Elon Musk with them? BETTER!
    Twitter crash and burn bringing Elon Musk and many other social medias? DA BEST!

  3. "Hurting Twitter means damaging Tesla to a degree. So why wouldn't they just cave to the outrage and pull all of their advertising." That's what I like to call a, "Tactical Retreat." This is more like economic warfare between businesses/businessmen fighting not with men but with money.

  4. While I totally believe Twitter employees did sell out verification badges for thousands of dollars before, I still don't really agree with the logic in this specific case that "If the owner of a huge tech company admits 'oh yeah the company was totally doing this bad thing' ", it automatically means it's probably true.
    I do believe it is true, but in this case, Elon's public approach to all of this was that he was going to acquire and save Twitter and rid it of all its problems.
    Pointing out any possible fault of the prior management, real or otherwise, would be in his interest. So while I think the accusations about corruption are totally true, I'm not believing it only based on the fact Elon, the owner, is saying it.

  5. Dunno what you mean by "what will happen next?" The same damn thing that happens every single time one of these billion dollar companies starts circling the drain, they'll get bailed out by uncle Sam, who will gleefully turn and present us the taxpayers with the bill. It happened with the banks, twice, it happened with the auto industry, it's happened numerous times with airlines and defense contractors. This will be no different.

  6. My use of Twitter centers around getting updates from health sources, connecting with others in the blind community and following the latest technology developments, getting local news and following meteorological events like hurricanes, etc. I’ve purposefully and aggressively avoided the political toxicity on Twitter. But to the people who are enjoying watching Twitter burn, you should know that there were good things there and I was privileged to gain much knowledge from professionals and insiders in assistive technology. Where do people go now to share news and information, not for malfeasance and attention seeking, but simply for the good of humanity?

  7. You also said New World was in a death spiral that could not recover due to innate problems with its engine.

  8. Those fires needed to be done, those woke executives prevented freedom of speech gor long time.

  9. The idea that people honestly think that censorship is the last line of defense against fascism hurts my brain.

  10. Honestly this puts the monetisation of blue checks and the lay offs into a more understandable light for me.

    It seems to me that Twitter has always been massively overvalued for the number of people that actually regularly engage with the platform.

    It's influence is real and has real consequences but that influence is built on no solid foundation outside of the belief it's users hold in it being more important than it actually is.

    Elon Musk cannot rely on that when his take over has caused a shift in narrative.

    So to make back the overinflated amount he paid for the company he needs to essentially gut it and make something workable with the left overs.

    He either needs to make Twitter a much more successful platform than it currently is or he needs to gain money by taking advantage of what little value Twitter already has to offer: i.e. The blue check mark system.

  11. I am seriously loving Twitter these days. It like back before the corporatization of the internet existed and there was no content moderation or censorship. Funny how we had less unrest then than we do now. People don't like being Policed for the actions of a few idiots and bad actors.

  12. The only bad thing that could happen with the death of Twitter is that it will spreads to other sites of the internet just like happened with Vine's death

  13. What kind of moron pays at least 4 times the value for a crappy social media company? The kind of idiot that doesn't know anything about actually running a company, and will immediately f@c% the crappy company up even more.

  14. So to tl;dr this:

    Twitter today is what happens when somebody who thinks they understand the free market actually experiences it for the first time. Ya'll should grab your popcorn. The butter is discounted at $8!

  15. Come oooon, man. I come back to your channel after a while and you're suddenly screaming about being a republican. What the hell happened?

  16. I hope the employees that left with important information deleted it immediately and made sure it was unrecoverable. If they didn’t, I hope they do so now and say they did right away. Twitter needs to die, and the faster the better.
    I’m convinced that the goal of Musk is to kill twitter, I just can’t figure how he’ll avoid loosing money in the process. Maybe he’s being spiteful over having to buy it and just doesn’t care.

  17. Seems disingenuous to argue as if a new director could have NO motive to make the last regime look bad (RE: revelation of unethical practices before his arrival). As a matter of fact, I think it's obvious that Musk has a demonstrable dislike for many of the people who are implicated by such a claim. Even without those public statements as evidence, the same people cost him a shitload of money by forcing the deal, which I would call a viable circumstantial motive when determining whether there is any cause to doubt or at least further probe Musk's statements about the prior regime's conduct.

  18. You fail to mention the fact that the blue checkmark is also above all a security feature.
    Nintendo will not do business on the site if anybody can pretend to be them. That also goes for any politician, book writer, or small business owner. Careful your political bias is showing.

    Edit: Just want to mention, overall this was a good video.

  19. It almost sounds like Musk intentionally burned Twitter to the ground because he thought it would be funny. If so, I would agree. It's pretty hilarious. Couldn't have happened to a better platform.

  20. Tesla will definitely be getting bought by VW Group or Stellantis, the battery tech will basically determine which car you will be driving in 20 years, a VW or a Fiat

  21. Shortly after this video came out, someone has "parodied" an official account and has caused billions of dollars in damage to a major institution.

    I disagree on the idea that the ban on parody was out of Musk's ego. We are dealing with ideologically driven zealots hell bent on destroying the platform any way possible. "Everything is permitted, by any means necessary" is a belief they hold.

    Twitter has dubious financial value, but tremendous political value. The degree to which politically involved groups and people have opened up and fired all batteries to try and sink this shows there is something huge about Twitter that very powerful people are aware of.
    The platform is at its most vulnerable now, we're probably going to see more attacks and attempts at sabotage as a result. If the left can't have it, no one can.

  22. if ads on twitter works like youtube i dont think the impact will be of any significance. Also i would like to see how many companies that still do advertise on twitter. The only problem for twitter is only when the user starts to abandon the site, but i think its very unlikely.

  23. "We live in a Circus" was actually Fact checked and results are in : We live in a Mad House is the more objective way to say it ✅️

  24. An awful lot of fuckin internet experts second-guessing teh wealthiest man in the world right now

  25. tbh im in a weird limbo zone with twitter
    i use it very frequently, but all i use it for is following artists to scroll through a bunch of anime drawings
    i have no idea why would anyone use twitter for conversations, let alone for politics, especially when it seems nobody likes it
    i see a lot of people who say that even if twitter were to shut down, it'd still be an objective good, and im just here like, "well, where am i gonna find my anime drawings directly from the source now?"
    probably pixiv

  26. There is something incredibly vile about minority activist groups targeting advertisers to hurt a company where they've lost a stake in that company, and to do this on political ideaological grounds..It's a bitter salting the earth tactic, and they started before Musk had an opportunity to do anything. Twitter has always been cancer, but look at what happens when you try to excise that cancer….it gets inflamed and angry and attempts to kill it's host from the outside. These cancerous dealogies exist EVERYWHERE in big tech, so maybe targeting platforms where advertisers still operate with similar tactics would be a fair and equitable response to activist group tactics? I mean…no one should have the power and influence big tech has….so let them ALL come crumbling down. I bet Musk is kicking himself now.

  27. If Musk says it, I don't believe it. Of course he wants to smear his predecessors. You literally gave the reason why a paragraph before. He needs to find "cause" to deny the previous execs the millions they are owed.

  28. Crash and burn or survive? Idk. I can’t say I care either way. I don’t use Twitter, I ve always thought that Twitter was a mistake

  29. It's only a question of time when tesla stock will implode, it is by far the most overvalued company. And Musk cashing in his stock is kinda smart of him, he just needs an excuse. Maybe buying twitter backfired majorly though. I don't think he can oversell us on twitter like he did with tesla and spacex anymore, more and more people see though his bullshit.

  30. Those activists suspiciously sound like Internet trolls from Amy's Baking Company. Are you sure that they are not regular customers dissatisfied with service?

  31. That stuff about advertisers isn't "absolutely" true. Advertising is purely to get revenue. If a company thinks they will lose money they are going to change what they're doing. It wasn't advertisers being attacked or threatened, it was advertisers not wanting to waste money on pointless advertising on a high risk low reward set up.

  32. i'm but a simple engineer. even if i'd designed concorde or invented the hovercraft, i wouldn't be rich enough to buy a rembrandt. i can't help thinking lots of people are going to get burnt buying pennyshares of a picasso. as for the secure 'warehouse' is that what we should do? help rich collectors lock these artworks out of sight?

  33. I blame Social media for the giant crapshow the internet turned into. Social media can go straight to hell.

  34. If you watched Joe Rogans pod with Jack, Vijaya and Tim Pool you would know why she deserved to be fired.

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