The Worlds Most Impressive Ancient OoPArts

The Worlds Most Impressive Ancient OoPArts? 😲

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Main Narration By Don Moffit:


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  1. lol so just how many different masks are you going to show and just how is anyone to know which one you're speaking about? these channels always showing BS that has no relationship to what they're speaking about is just BS may as well not show any video since nothing matches the audio

  2. 800 A.D.? AFTER the Roman Empire? And NO ONE remembered to write down the instructions, materials, data, benefactors, tributes, etc.? If you believe that-I have swampland for sale, just off the coast of Florida-for five dollars an acre….@2:53-looks like it's been under water at LEAST once, and is probably one procession old. @ 5:00, looks EXACTLY like a Switchcraft PL-250 XLR male component.

  3. Electric Adventures

    As robots sound more like humans, we sound more like robots for some reason.

  4. Very interesting

  5. Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface

    Rock at the end was a replacement part fashioned from a stone, applied the resonant frequency to make it soft, and the necessary parts were pushed in. The rock was likely used as a capacitor. Owner should get a good DMM and play with it.

  6. Please look into volakas quarry!!!

    It's overall nature reeks of impossibility this marble quarry is in use today but like many other sites on this earth it shows signs of megalithic construction, such as the large doorways carved into solid marble which not only tower a good 25-30ft of the ground but also seem to show signs of being carved into solid marble.

  7. Your mom built barabadoor

  8. You guys make such fascinating videos.

  9. I missed you do these videos.. thank you so much

  10. One of the death masks shown, looks like prince Charles of England, the ears are especially similar!

  11. I love this channel. I've been subscribed for 3 yrs now. Keep up your excellent work

  12. Why always downgrading our ancestors!!! As if they were dumb or something…

  13. Tarharqa Ta Seti

    The first mask is a fake, the other masks are rarely shown to the public, the first mask does not look like the other masks either.

  14. Thoughts and prayers to all the men whos simulated abortions have been placed on hold by this evil right wing maga court! Stay strong! I love you!

  15. Very cool!

  16. What I really want to know about the "enigmalith" , has it been plugged in???😁

  17. As far the rock with three prongs like an XLR audio connector – the rock is worn down, smoothed edges but the prongs are not worn… flag….

  18. Enigma – lith

  19. Watching this makes me when start cutting and carving stone. Seems like a hell of a thing to leave behind to be remembered.

  20. What beautiful hair and lips they have!

  21. “Due to the infamously longevity of the documented…”. ???
    Too much word salad in your narration! Hire a proofreader, for god’s sake!

  22. Been there, at Borubudur. Several times during the years. Visiting it is very worth while!

  23. Try To Remember The Following: . . . Beware Of The Criminal Controlled, Compulsive Lying, $$$ Bought & Owned Pieces Of Crapidemia . . . aka The Crapidemics . . . And The Same Goes For The Compulsive Lying Criminal Controlled So Called Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Geologists And Egyptologists And Paleontologists . . . It Is A $$$ Making Business For Them, And A Ruthless, Cut-Throat Compulsive Lying Very Deceptive One At That . . . 🙁

  24. The days of the advanced world of Noahs time …..a world of wonder destroyed by the madness of humans.
    the next greatest find of treasure will be soon….the Sinclair castle (the Cross) hidden a hundred years before Columbus sailed, holds all the treasure of Israel in it…hidden by ones to protect the items from the vile.
    In the 60's ones with Reader digest planted the distraction of where the site truly sits, and so ones believed the castle gone, and treasure lost to history. But the castle still stands, but under dirt and Pitched logs.
    13 million pounds of Treasure waiting to be revealed.
    BTW..i found the site. 😉

  25. Very Impressive!🔥⚡🔥

  26. #6!!!!

  27. After contact' and reincarnation is proven to be a constant state of affair for all that live on the earth? All the treasure will belong to just one person! The one that got cast down and got busy with a Neanderthals. The one that has atoned for the wrong doing. As there were many. Just they kept the knowledge of their past. Were the one' let go and forgot. He is now one of us! And only the aliens will know him for who he is now? And those others hate him. As the one gets all they have worked to create. As their only creation was hell on earth. And will die with it permanently. Along with all that follow them by living in the future they created. And never question the words that are given. Were there was hell' will be heaven. But not on this earth.

  28. I thought this was meant to be about ooparts! One! 😕

  29. They had strange eyes and some other oddities that I think they were a different type of human. Apparently there is man and mankind lol truthbomb during fake moon landing lol clever!

  30. Absolutely Fascinating. Rock on 🤘