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  1. Mr Avi Gilburt is the best recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like i did

  2. I mean this is the most respectful way possible but you remind me of the "hey guys welcome to EB games" guy just with your demeanor and how you say "wow"

  3. I disagree that you made a mistake. You made it clear that Astra was a speculative play. People need to learn how to size their positions responsibly if they're going to follow your speculative stock picks.

  4. Dead you are soooooooooooo wrong about truth social about it being one sided that is the most you have ever been wrong perfect example did people know Democrats watch FOX news more then don’t another perfect example it will be the same thing that Howard Stern went through the people who hated him listened to him the most just to see. When you have SM outlets literally canceling people on one side that will cost them

  5. "only one side of the aisle will use it" is NOT correct. There are MANY 'demotrolls' that can not live without 'keeping tabs' on MAGA and live to just 'poke the bear' at every opportunity. Not to mention there are a lot of demospies that spend all their time eavesdropping on republican / conservative social media sites just to run back to their userbase and squawk their interpretations of what they've seen / heard as the latest 'conspiracy theory' or 'movement' so they can chirp on it all over the MSM news

  6. i went all in, 32k at 5.30 on astra. I guess its not as bad as some other folks but yea.. this sucks lol

  7. Go Burry! Japanese still down 25% from 1989! Dry behind the ears.

  8. AMD, INTC, MS, SQ this is gonna be rough but I'm scooping. I've had my buy zones for months. I've been waiting for this for some time.

  9. And again dead I was trying to warn you of all of this but I’m just a no one without money right ? . I’ve asked to link up in a discord for all of us to make money . But at this point I’m good bro .. I rather walk away knowing I’m right while everyone running with their head chopped off

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