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This One Country Doesn't Have an Inflation Problem

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In this video we help you to be more knowledgeable about inflation by looking at countries, most notably Switzerland, that have bucked the global trend in 2022 by reporting tame inflation numbers. We look into what Switzerland did right and what other countries can learn from them.

0:00 – 2:09 Intro
2:10 – 4:30 What is inflation?
4:31 – 6:20 Masterworks
6:21 – 7:30 European inflation
7:31 – 9:04 CPI basket
9:05 – 10:10 Switzerland inflation
10:11 – 11:10 Swiss Franc
11:11 – 13:15 Trade intensity
13:16 What can we learn from Switzerland?

The Economic Explained team uses Statista for conducting our research. Check out their YouTube channel:

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  1. Let me guess before watching. They didn't print lots of currency or give free money to thier population to buy votes. Its normally that simple.

  2. so a national inflation percentage also does not really say anything about what is actually happening to the poorer and richer inhabitants of a country because these to groups would spend their income very differently right? so the inflation would better reflect what is happening in an economy if it would be seperately stated for the poorer and richer people within a country or region within.

  3. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance- wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  4. Re your sponsor; How fine arts are safe investment when some nut-job would glue themselves to some invaluable piece of art and ruining it because they believe it'll fix climate "crisis" ?

  5. The two times you mentioned Michigan, you showed footage of Chicago (Illinois for you Aussie) 😉

  6. As an elder millennial, one of the few advantages is having lived through the Great Recession. My advice. Reduce unnecessary expenses, increase your savings by investing in financial markets and do not sell. One thing I know for sure is that diversifying your income can help insulate you from much of the craziness going on in the world.

  7. It is hilarious irony that the average economics explained viewer is smart enough to see right through the average economics explained sponsorship.

  8. Nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman said in his book/series "free to choose" that inflation comes from one place and one place only: the government building where they print their money.
    Switzerland is proof of this, but for a reason you didn't mention. While the rest of the nations of the world were losing their minds over covid and spending billions and sometimes trillions of dollars that they didn't have (over $5 trillion in the US alone), Switzerland had a calmer approach. Anyone negatively effected by covid, after explaining how they were effected, could get a loan from the government with a half percent interest rate. This kept their government spending during covid much lower than in countries where everyone was given thousands of dollars regardless of whether they were actually effected or not.
    You mention the role of governments printing money in creating inflation but I don't think you gave it enough time.

  9. I’m probably not the first to mention this but every time he mentions Michigan in the video, the graphic is the Chicago skyline.

  10. You've spoken of luxury goods in a number of videos. I think of it this way: what's the net economic and/or social benefit for each of these options:
    * make 1000 watches that sell for $10 each
    * make 100 watches that sell for $100 each
    * make 10 watches that sell for $1000 each
    * make 1 watch that sells for $10000

    It's hard to argue that the "1 watch" option can possibly be the best, economically or socially? You could also argue that if the quality of the $10 watch means they'll all end up in landfills, that's sub-optimal also.

  11. how do you figure that the 20th largest economy in the world gets only 7/10 points? there's over 190 countries in the world so it puts Swiss in the top 10%tile, no?

  12. It doesn't surprise me that a country infamous for being a safe haven for rich finance criminals does not have money problems.

  13. EE, please listen to your community. We do not appreciate the Masterworks sponsorship. It gives everyone (but you) shoddy vibes.

  14. Money DO becomes less valuable becuase of monetary expansion from central banks to pay for the huge ineficient governs

  15. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. I learnt from my last year's experience, i am able to build a suitable life because I invested early ahead this time.

  16. you ranked the swiss economy way too low the industry deserves atleast a 9. you forgot to mention the important industry of medicine and food we have world leading companys like nestle and roche in switzerland not just chocolate and watches

  17. Hey, you should really look at Scandinavias economy. I’d ecspecialy like to take a dive into Denmarks economy, as it hasn’t been on this channel anytime before

  18. This is just a big AD to sell art. Worthless junk that produces nothing, and essentially worth nothing. It is a shame that an economic channel is doing this – the author must be aware of how much a scam it is. It is a pyramid scheme, which is running out of new joiners fast, as people are running out of money – don't be the suckers in the bottom!

  19. I think not enough emphasis is put on the moderate monetary policies the Swiss do, and also how they control the debt and balance their budgets much better than most European countries. That makes their currency a safe haven so there is more demand and this makes it so it maintains value over time. The monetary supply and the value of the currency is a big determinant of inflation. So yes there is a lot to learn from Switzerland.

  20. Latvia vs. France comparison misses one ingredient. France uses a lot of nuclear power, so they are impacted less by increased prices of coal and gas, which drive a lot of inflation in Europe.

  21. Grand Seiko would like to have a word with those Swiss watchmakers to teach them how it's done. (Just kidding)

  22. Love the subtle white flag bit, it’s always nice to be reminded that there’s one thing all Anglos can unite behind.

  23. "INFLATION HITS PEOPLE A LOT HARDER THAN A CRASHING STOCK OR HOUSING MARKET" as it directly affects People's cost of living that people immediately feel the impact of. It's not surprising negative market sentiment is so high now. We really need help to survive in this economy. The fin market;s have underperformed the U. S. economy as fear of inflation hammers the prices of stock;s and bonds. My portfolio of $250k is down to $192k any recommendations to scale up my returns during this crash will be highly appreciated.

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