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Cryptocurrency investors have been destroyed in 2022 with the collapse of LUNA, 3AC, Celsius, Voyager, and now FTX. Is it time to quit crypto and invest in stocks and bonds – how can we reduce risk?!
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  1. There is no objective means to determine which crypto platform is safe or unsafe, safe today but not safe tomorrow. All of them to date say "Everything is fine" up to the eve of lockouts and bankruptcy filings. So you cannot believe their press releases, disclosures, financial statements, terms of service etc. etc. So you have to assume that if you put or keep anything on these platforms even for a brief period of time (say a few days) to do some transaction, you have a good chance of losing it entirely. The big questions to ask are… Why do I have my crypto on a platform? What would be the impact to me if I lost it all (minimal…to catastrophic)? How long would it take me to WAGE EARN this amount?

  2. I will never give up on crypto! Right now I'm focused on $PAW, and you can easily earn it, stake it, and delegate it. Check it out!

  3. F it! I’m in it to win it! Gotta roll with crypto now,sell now and lose about half I’ve put in anyway bc of the market being down?!? I don’t think so,buying this drop granted not at the rate before but I’m not selling my crypto bc I’m scared,feeling weak? just turn on some AC/DC Shot Down in Flames and enjoy buying this monster dip!🤘🏻🤘🏻

  4. Not sure if I am ready to watch this yet. I’m on vacation for 5 more days….. “saved for later”

  5. Nah Won't Give Up I lose 10rackz Still going and broke with 1k anit giving up an Up Diamond Hands you super hawt

  6. what a horrible video.
    Just a scare tactic to sell for your sponsor.
    Raven you are better than this.

  7. History repeating like during WW2 and WW1/Spanish plague. Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler exterminated 12000000 under the guise of a typhus epidemic, and now under WW3 and a corona virus pandemic. Hitler used Zyklon B rodent extermination gas with the fumant removed. It causes symptoms like corona virus. Look up in the sky you will see planes spraying your cities! Hitler attacked Russia, just like what is happening now. The British Empire had no legal male Heir so they imported a fake one from Germany. The British Queen's husband "Prince Philip" renounced his German citizenship, became a Greek citizen and as a Greek citizen moved to Britain gaining citizenship there. After appointed a Duke, out of thin air and then as a Prince and married Queen Elizabeth. "Prince Philip" took the name of the Queen, not the other way, as it usually is done, where a wife takes the husband's name. The British Empire has run out of male Heirs at least twice, and they kill to suppress it. 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  8. I know something might happen to Celsuis but I really believe in Alex! He always mentioned Bank are not your friends theory and he tricked us all!
    I should have known a little bit earlier!
    Damn me😬😬😬

  9. awesome vid Raven. Wasn’t involved in any of the crypto events such as terra luna or voyager/celsius, but this FTX one hurts. lessons learned.

  10. Honestly we should’ve seen voyager coming,, 1, u couldn’t even buy Luna on Coinbase or really many US Exchanges but voyager supposedly had it listed! Anyways I also remember being lazy to transfer my other crypto from voyager to my other wallets I with I can go back in time because I was warned by many YouTubers.. lol

  11. It’s actually crazy the fact that I was once going to put all my money into Luna when ppl were hyping it into being the next ETH Killer

  12. Crypto is going to change the world. It’s such a disruptive technology, that the powers at be are going to fight it till the end. Most of what is happening is manufactured, then add in the human greed and corruption elements makes for the perfect storm. They are trying to get you to throw in the towel and go back to their system.

  13. I feel like there's a give and take. The market is weeding out anybody who wasn't serious about decentralization. Which unfortunately includes a lot of newbies. With the general economy more than likely taking a down turn for a while and all these crypto debacles, the bottom has yet to set in IMO. Hopefully any future regulation we get protects customers while allowing genuine growth in the crypto market

  14. If you want to play with crypto with extra money you don’t mind taking a gamble with, but you and the rest of your generation need to realize the only way for the vast majority of average persons only build wealth by one TIME AND COMPOUNDING INTEREST.

    And it takes time a lot of time. Find you a company to work for that matches a 401K, invest the maximum amount the IRS allows each year, invest in reputable index funds, and in 25 years you will have about 1M.

    It’s boring, it takes a long time, but over a long period of time it’s reliable. That’s why they tell people to start in their 20s like I did. I got burned on crypto I lost about $160,000, but I also have over 1M saved, and I did that by the process I just recommended that you follow.

  15. Buy the blood. This is all a cycle for all bear markets. if you do your research, you'll notice that they're going to implement CBDC's. right after the collapse? What a coincidence!.

  16. When it comes to investing you must look at the long term. 5 to 10 years as we learn from the first investors in crypto complaining about BTC at 2 dollars lol

    Plus your blood eyes are hot! 😛😊

  17. Thanks raven! I litterally sold all my crypto as the fud of FTX happened. Instead of withdrawing funds I was liquidating all my positions n so far I can buy 20% more per coin. 😅

  18. does anyone else think this Masterworks stuff is a scam. FTX was all over influencers too. any whiff of wrong doing, drop these guys like a bad habit.

  19. It’s a money making scam, hype a coin, we all invest then the rug pull. Someone becomes a billionaire

  20. All this bad news this year set crypto years behind, it was just becoming a little mainstream, but now you won’t get mainstream investors to ever come to crypto and on top of that you lost a lot of seasoned crypto investors.
    Even regulations isn’t going to help the ship has sailed, they sat on their hands to long.

  21. I’m getting depressed over all this crud. Between Voyager and FTX I’m just depressed. I moved all my crypto out of FTX to Gemini but one is lost. I don’t know what happened but one just never made it over. Gemini is having a glitch and most of my holdings are just not their. There is a “glitch” and they are working on it. I feel like I’m somehow going to get screwed again. I can’t trust anything anymore.

  22. I'll never regret meeting this guy and even working with him .His pure heart to help people out and do a perfect job is something else.His good deeds will always be rewarded

  23. I'll never regret meeting this guy and even working with him .His pure heart to help people out and do a perfect job is something else.His good deeds will always be rewarded

  24. I'll never regret meeting this guy and even working with him .His pure heart to help people out and do a perfect job is something else.His good deeds will always be rewarded

  25. 🖕above name is the person's name who helped me get into my partner's device without him knowing, I really admire his talent keep the good work up man✌️❤️

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