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TRi's Top 100 Crypto Review Ep. 43

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Howdy all,
hope you enjoy this light hearted look at crypto and crypto trading.
If you enjoyed the broadcast and/or found value in something we shared, you can help us achieve our goal of establishing a booth within Decentraland.
We are collecting donations to buy a plot of land & run these educational videos 24/7 within.
ETH Donation Wallet Address:
tyvm in advance

Q2’22 TRi School term info page –


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  1. Thanks! Can't believe this has so little views, every episode is pure gold! PMA 😉

  2. Maybe You can talk in front of the camera for a couple of minutes from time to time or for the introduction shortly. Would add a extra human connection and touch through this dark times 🤗 greetings and respect to You all from Romania

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