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What Do I Need To Know Before Buying Cryptocurrency? Strategy & Tools.

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What I need to know before buying cryptocurrency. Learn Crypto Strategy Click Here:
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Before buying or getting into cryptocurrency, understanding the market and having a plan is critical.
Some things I share in this video are to Keep crypto investments to 5% or less of your whole investment portfolio. Only invest in crypto what you’d be fine losing. Start with bitcoin and Ethereum, the most popular and considered gold/silver in the crypto world.
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00:00 Introduction Need To Know Before Buying Crypto
00:38 What I need to know before buying cryptocurrency
02:16 Best Crypto Exchanges with Low transaction fees
03:11 Key Resources for coin pair research
05:39 What is a Crypto Wiggle?
06:34 ROI on my Crypto Bots
07:44 Bot Profit Details
09:27 My Plan. What is “The Plan” by Dan Hollings
Links to sites I have recommended in the video:
crypto. com: We both will make US$25 when you join.
Kucoin: We both get $5 USD+ 10% discount on trades.
Binance (for Non-US residents) :
We both get 10% every time we trade.
Binance for US residents:
FTX Get 5% off fees discount
OKX r Get US$15 Great Exchange for High-Interest rates

25% off Tracking Crypto for Tax purposes: Get a 25% discount

Research Coins for ranking, volatility, etc.

Bank Like Saving Vaults (DYOR – for centralized crypto):
Crypto Bank for 8-12% interest on your funds
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– Kindly use your own diligence and consult a certified financial advisor or planner in your country.
– Past performance is not indicative of future results.
– I am sharing my experience for educational and entertainment purposes only.
– Also, the links on this page may be affiliate links which means if you click them I may receive a commission for referring you to a product or service – at no extra cost to you.
– The recommendations I make are on products and services I have personally vetted so you can be sure that anything I recommend is top-notch in its class.

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