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Why Voyager & Crypto Exchanges Can’t Give Your Crypto Back | BTC | ETH Dogecoin News | Bitcoin News

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Cryptocurrency having the freedom to move like a currency is the first domino we need for this year.

Dogecoin’s ; Bitcoins ; Ethereum’s ; ADA real sustainable value will come from utility and/or adoption. Dogecoin has had an amazing year but this dogecoin news allows you to be strategic about your plans for 2022. I also conduct Dogecoin TA, Dogecoin Analysis, & Dogecoins News in this video. Please subscribe for more dogecoin news videos.

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  1. Thanks a lot to you most of my crypto is now on my Nano Ledger. I love having control of my crypto.

  2. 👆👆your of effort’s and competency in helping people get their recoveries done,requires a recømmendation

  3. Damn, there are so many of us out here doin work…so proud of you and wish you all the best in investments

  4. That’s basically being a BANK. Which defeats the purpose of the so called freedom with but coin

  5. I don’t believe that stuffs like this still exist until I found this dude 👆who gave me the courage and trust to believe it thanks once again for helping me recover my fünds

  6. Can you explain how these loans work? Use Voyager for example, who is requesting loans and who are receiving loans? How would a regular person like me request a loan. How can we see who Voyager is loaning to? Is simply withdrawing crypto from an exchange considered a “loan?” Where does 3AC fit into all of this?

  7. A very big thanks 👆👆I'm grateful your act of kindness is rare the whole wide world thanks
    once again I have received my cryptos back
    I'm pointing up there takes the credit

  8. When all hope was lost you ⬆️
    Successfully recovered my USD You're truly an
    expert when it comes to withdrawal and recovery services

  9. I just signed up for coinbase. But now I’m hesitant to deposit money into it. Keep in mind that I’m from NY and Robinhood and coinbase are the only 2 platforms I can buy Doge, and other crypto’s. Is coinbase in danger like voyager?

  10. Sending this dude 🆙 a DM has really done good to me. I appreciate your honesty and how you successfully retrieved my over 67k USD from Voyager

  11. David thx for this invaluable information. You're going to save a lot of people frustration and money. It's incredible how devious these people are. First they don't admit up front that they are going to lend out your coins to make them money without your permission. Then they have the audacity to freeze your account so you cannot withdraw your coins or your cash.

    They should all be boycotted. If I can find an alternative to buy and sell my coins without using the exchanges, I will seriously consider it.isrupt baby!

  12. Well too late they should done it when we were all up lol 🤦‍♂️

  13. I have money on Voyager. Do you think they'll unfreeze accounts eventually? How do you see this playing out?

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