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  1. Bread crumbs don’t work (their comments here and there). Feels like a bad relationship. Because of SFM, I began investing in BTC a while ago.

  2. Since the only product that safemoon actually sells is the crypto, where do you think they're getting all the money to pay their employees? Not only are you all getting robbed, but you're lifting up the same people that robbed you, this is laughable.

  3. Safemoon are the Kings of procrastination. They just waste everyone's time and money.

  4. Serg, patience's my friend. 5 to 10 years and all your dreams will come true! love your channel.

  5. Calm before the Storm, looks like they’re gonna release everything at same time and blow this market up!

  6. I am holding regardless but fuck me…..

    If you don’t see people are getting fed up or you can’t lead the delivery then step down and let someone else take over….

  7. Give them no more money and see if they can do it alone. We have money and nothing was done. People are just buying cars , mansions and other luxury lifestyles. We are no longer a team when some are profiting and others are suffering. I am wishing for a 0 dollars trading day. Just a wake up call.

  8. Serg, atlas, tysa and jwk and crypto project to an extent help me stay in it.

  9. My issue is that when the price drops, safemoon team tweets and mentions something like the blockchain and everyone talks about it for the next few weeks then nothing. Not fud but getting really bored with safemoon. But thnks for your vids.

  10. Stay tight community🦾.. 😎reason why there's Safe to the name…😉here to stay & grow by design🌐🚀

  11. Lost $3700 in safemoon since April 2021. Have only bought more to average down and still nothing but disappointment. Down to $300 today after holding well over a year. Not sold one safemoon. Sad I had such high hopes for them but they are a complete disappointment fail to achieve anything besides a phone app. Reflections on v2 are broken. I held v2 longer than v1 at this point and nowhere near comparison from reflections on v1 to v2

  12. Since the only product that safe moon actually sells is the crypto, where do you think they're getting all the money to pay their employees? Not only are you all getting robbed, but you're lifting up the same assholes that robbed you, this is laughable

  13. If they say you can’t rush these things/ if they went any slower they 🛑 stop

  14. Does anybody in safemoon know what they are doing. It’s not how the world works. If you constantly miss deadlines your fired. That’s real. Cmon guys start producing for the Army . Without us there is no safemoon. So less of the smart replies.Do your job. Holding since last March 21

  15. They would not survive it because of a lot of lie and promises done . An this safemoon team planned this from the beginning. 98% of token will vanish. Thats how safemoon will exit plan .

  16. This is a Bear market. Safemoon is hiring people continually and building their products. This is the same thing that happened with Cardano in 2017. I'm not worried at all.

  17. Ok the team does not communicate. Its a bad point for sure especially actually but in the meantime, there is a F…. Stirm or Tsunami Just outside the port. No way for a boat to go for a trop or adventures outside the port. I guess that in marketing as well especially when products launch are crucial…..

  18. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine andereu Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  19. John has mentioned that the Blockchain could be released by the end of the year

  20. Yes, easily. Most other tokens won’t though because they aren’t a legitimate company with true leadership and big goals and vision

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