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XXORIES – Kill your Darlings – AR Filter Workshop

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During this event we will go through the process of creation AR Filters. This will not be done with random filters, we will use the Darlings that we had to let go for our XXories drop in February. This drop is part of the WHOLELAND narrative. Learn how to create AR filters and receive files to remix our own filters.

DARLING is part of the XXories drop that will launch soon as access keys to WHOLELAND. The XXories are digital accessories, that you can wear in AR. The collection that will launch is inspired by traditional Dutch headpieces and gabber culture. We’ve realized that culture is fluid. It always has been. It is not stuck in time, it evolves, it grows, it is never one set thing. Therefore we’d like to invite you to create your own vision and narrative of the darling.

Join us on Twitch. You will receive the first package with:
– Creative brief
– References
– Blender file not rigged and textured

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When you claim the FLOAT during this event. You will receive more files via Discord that you can use during Part 2 on December 8th:
– Blender file rigged + textures
– FBX rigged + textured
– Transparent PNG to use on your pfp

Endless and unapologetic ways of playing. THERE NO RULES. Anything is possible.

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Our mission is to lead the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but imagination. Through our digital clothing, The Fabricant is returning to the heart of what fashion was always meant to be – a playful arena to explore and express our identities and individuality. The fashion future we are building is collaborative, creative, inclusive and sustainable. In digital-only fashion people are not passive consumers, but creative agents crafting their self-expression and curating their virtual identity through digital clothing, without the negative footprint.

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