OHMD $$wsohmd Chart, Price and Contract

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olympus doge
Olympus Doge is building a financial services ecosystem based around its reserve currency token $wsOHMD on Dogechain. Olympus Doge believes in the future of Dogechain and therefore the $wsOHMD token will long term mirror the price of $DOGE. The token gets rebase rewards every 8 hours which benefits holders and the supply increase helps to drive towards the price of $DOGE. The ecosystem has/is building: an auditing service, NFTs, liquidity management bot, bonding as a service, limit order bots, dollar-cost-average bots, and a lending and borrowing platform.

dogechain dogechain: 0xaee671f222231dc384946450db1da9c78f49ccf1

Name: OHMD
Symbol: $wsohmd
Network: dogechain

Total supply: 11092
Max supply: 0

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$wsohmd price,OHMD price


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