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Adana Demirspor $demir Chart, Price and Contract

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## What Is Adana Demirspor Token (DEMIR)? Adana Demirspor Token is the official fan token of the Adana Demirspor Football Club, a sports club taking place in the Turkish Super League. DEMIR is the fan token that is used for: * Enabling fans to engage and communicate with the Adana Demirspor Football Club * Receiving gifts, accessing privileges, discounts, special events. ## How Many Demir Tokens Are There in Circulation? Adana Demirspor Token launched on October 15, 2021 with 500 Million DEMIR tokens created at genesis. %30 of the tokens sold out at pre-sale on Bitexen.%50 of the tokens are locked to be equally released annually each year. %20 of the tokens will be used for marketing and development. ### Who Are the Founders of Demir Token ? Adana Demirspor Token ($DEMIR) project is launched in cooperation with [ExenPay](, [Bitexen]( and Adana Demirspor Football Club. ### Where Can I Buy Adana Demirspor Token (DEMIR)? DEMIR is available for trading on [Bitexen](, one of the largest exchanges in Turkey, available.

ethereum ethereum: 0xfec82a1b2638826bfe53ae2f87cfd94329cde60d

Name: Adana Demirspor
Symbol: demir
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 500000000
Max supply: 500000000

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